Slacker Cats

ABC Family (ended 2007)


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  • So Damn Funny!

    As a parent, No! I won't let my daughters watch this show, but as a guy, this show is farking hilarious! The show is about a town where cats and humans can talk and the cats end up doing what they want to. The Humor is on the mature side, and it is surprising to see this pop up on ABC Family, and not on cartoon network's Adult Swim.
    As it is the show is very form based and even in the first 3 episodes you can see the niche's that each character fits into and stays in. I'm incredibably happy to have such a great piece of animation, but I wish for two things, one, for a later time slot so I can watch it without fear of my girls seeing it, and two, that the writers will branch out and at least find one or two different form-letter shows to write.