Slam Dunk

Season 1 Episode 27

I Want to Play Basketball!

Aired Unknown May 21, 1994 on Toei Animation
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After suffering through his horrible injury, Mitsui quit on basketball. Though two years later, in his attempt to sabotage Shohoku from participating in the tournament, his feelings for the sport are growing stronger once again.

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  • Its a touching episode

    Its a touching episode. They got a new teammate named Mitsui.

    Before joining Shohoku, Mitsui Hisashi was an MVP for Takeishi Junior High. Despite having opportunities to join more prestigious high schools like Ryonan, he choose to go to Shohoku because of Coach Anzai; Anzai had given him the courage to win in the Junior High tournament by encouraging him during the last seconds of the match. However, an injury to his left knee in a training session interrupted his basketball career. An imprudent early return to the basketball court reinjured the knee more severely, leading to a basketball hiatus of over a year. Although he eventually healed, he was embittered by his exclusion from the court, and quit basketball to become the leader of a gang. His gang picked on Miyagi during his first year, and during a fight that ensued Miyagi beat Mitsui senseless before taking a beating himself.

    Afterwards, Mitsui attempted to ruin the basketball team by instigating them into fighting with his gang, as the team would have been banned from competition for fighting. In the end, Sakuragi's own gang - Yohei, Takamiya, Ohkusu and Noma - voluntarily took the blame for the fight, and Mitsui was filled with remorse when he saw Anzai again. He rejoined the team and vowed never to fight again.

    Mitsui is best known on the team as a three-point specialist, though his skills extend to other areas; during a practice match, he once managed to shut down Sakuragi, playing center. His defensive ability completely shut down Fukuda's scoring abilities. His three-pointers helped Shohoku catch up when they were 12 points down against Shoyo, and again when the team was 20 points down against Sannoh in the National Championships. His greatest weakness, though, is his lack of stamina due to his long break from playing basketball. Thus, in the latter halves of games, he has not always been as reliable - he was completely worn out in the game against Shoyo, missed a potential game-winning shot against Kainan, and collapsed on-court during the game against Ryonan.moreless
  • Shohoku's going to be a scary team.

    Kogure continues on with Mitsui's life story. It seems like even after his injury, Mitsui was absolutely anxious to play basketball. He even snuck out oftentimes to practice on his game so he won't get rusty, though he got too confident one day, and made his injury worse. As a result, he couldn't participate in the tournament, but even if he followed the doctor's orders, he still wouldn't have anyways. After seeing Akagi lead Shohoku, he lost his will to play basketball. Kogure in the present, let out his emotions, how he had high hopes for this newly revamped team, now with Rukawa, Sakuragi, and Miyagi joining them, saying how all Mitsui does is destroy his basketball dreams. Then, Miyagi gives him a one line wonder, and Anzai enters the gym that reminds him of the reason why he played basketball. Mitsui was left crying on the floor, wanting to play basketball again.

    I personally prefer the forgiveness endings to these types of situations, over the revenge types. The revenge types would end roughly like Mitsui losing all of his teeth, going to jail. The forgiveness kind is what happened in this episode; everyone gained sympathy for Mitsui, and allowed him back on the basketball team, despite recent events. Overall, I'm rather pleased with how the Mitsui arc turned out. His reason for leaving basketball wasn't because internal problems; they were because of unfortunate external ones, even though some internal ones were starting to develop. Due to bad english translations for the subs, I never understood what Kogure was saying, but he did a pretty good job of letting out his emotions.

    Even though I'm not a fan of one speech wonders, Miyagi really inflicted some sense into Mitsui with his one liner that really did give some great effect. Though what I liked the most was exactly how Mitsui returned to playing basketball. It wasn't because of words or speeches; it was because of Anzai, the person who gave him inspiration in the first place, reminded him of everything that he loved about basketball. Overall, wonderful episode, and with Miyagi starting at point guard, Mitsui at shooting guard, Rukawa at small forward, Sakuragi at power forward, and Akagi at center, be sure to expect some really exciting and balanced basketball matches in the future.moreless

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