Slam Dunk

Season 1 Episode 26

Mitsui's Peak, Trouble at 15

Aired Unknown May 14, 1994 on Toei Animation

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  • Does a good job of dragging the practice match out, that's for sure.

    Kogure continues his story with Mitsui's past. There was nothing Akagi and his team could do but watch Mitsui swish jumpers all day. Akagi tried stepping his game up, and made a dunk, and the possession after, even defended him. While the first time, he got Akagi on a fake, the second time Akagi blocked him. Kogure got the rebound, passed it to Mitsui again, who spotted up for another jumper, but Akagi blocked it, took it coast to coast, and dunked it. This was challenge call for Mitsui, who stepped up his game as well. He did everything in his skillset to create a shot, but in doing so, he tore his knee. In the hospital, Kogure asked him why he joined Shohoku over the likes of Ryonan. He said it was because of Anzai, who inspired him. Now, he has a new heart, and basketball had nothing to do with it.

    Well, they did a pretty good job of stretching out such a simplistic match, into an entire episode. I know they're trying to emphasize how good Mitsui was before, and build up the emotions for how Mitsui fell, but damn, did it have to take up the entire episode? The problem didn't occur like fifteen minutes after the episode started! If I get over the filler, I really liked how the reason why Mitsui changed was not because of personal grudges, temperants, because he got too competitive with Akagi. An injury is something that can end the careers of many sports players, especially when it involves the knee. In fact, there aren't many professional sports players that are same after recovering from a knee injury. It was simply different than what I expected. While it's not really related, I found it fun trying to compare Mitsui's game to an NBA player. He has a nice stroke, likes hogging the ball, so he'd best fit Kobe Bryant, except with a more consistent shot.