Slam Dunk

Season 1 Episode 63

Ryonan's genius plan

Aired Unknown Apr 08, 1995 on Toei Animation
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The anticipated match up between two of the best teams in the region commences. One of the biggest surprises was how Sendoh was handling point guard duties, and was doing an efficient job of it with Ryonan getting a head start against Kainan.

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  • Sendoh, Magic Johnson?

    Both Ryonan and Kainan are warming up for their anticipated match up. Kiyota tries showing off by giving himself an alley oop, but fails. Sendoh then throws the ball to Fuku, who makes an alley oop that more than impresses the crowd. Before tip off, Uozumi makes a remark that the title of their region's best point guard will belong to Sendoh. During the game, Sendoh was lobbing and throwing precise passes to all of his teammates that gives Ryonan a 9 point lead. On defense, Maki was single handedly being shut down by Sendoh, and when he tries penetrating, Sendoh blocks it from behind anyways. However, Kainan has yet to show off their powerhouse offense that makes them so famous.

    A good episode that combines humour, basketball goodness, and entertainment together--which almost every episode before this does good as well. I was actually surprised this episode didn't make a basketball reference of Sendoh to Magic Johnson, who was a very tall point guard with also great passing abilities that can do almost everything, much like Sendoh. The scene with Ryonan's coach making his players remember their practices was hilarious. Seeing them sweat after and taking heavy breaths just from mental images was both funny and shows how hard Ryonan worked. I never expected this anime to make a non Shohoku match as long as Shohoku's matches, but that's a good thing; it quickly skims through most of the match, showing flashes of recaps through overlapping scenes of Sendoh's precise passing to his open teammates. Plus, I loved how they had the scene in the first person view through Sendoh. It did a pretty exceptional job of showing what a point guard goes through.moreless

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