Slam Dunk

Season 1 Episode 102

Slam Dunk! movie 1

Aired Unknown Mar 12, 1994 on Toei Animation

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  • A movie that's half an hour long?

    Sakuragi meets a girl he previously asked out in Junior High, Yohko. She seemed to have enrolled in the school that Sakuragi's currently playing against, Takezono. Though in it is Oda, the man that made Yohko drop Sakuragi for. He gets in a heated argument with him, and does everything but come through with the punch. During the game, the match goes in a seesaw competition, but everyone's attention is on Sakuragi and his extremely erratic, yet pure hustle like, performance. Oda goes through a series of flashbacks with him about practicing, committing to Takezono, and slapping Yohko across the face after she said he was a little bit too committed about basketball. During the game, Sakuragi continues his embarassing play, but his team pulls off with a narrow win. Oda seems to have learned his lesson about basketball, and promises Sakuragi to battle him in the Inter high tournament.

    This is basically a normal episode, except like eight to nine minutes longer. What's nice about this is that it doesn't drag things out obviously, but consequently, it also ends way too early, obviously. Well, this is usually a problem for a lot of shounen anime based movies. Though there's one problem that the first Slam Dunk movie leaves out that plagues the rest; a rushed and forced morale at the end. The morale here did feel rushed, but not as much when compared to other anime based movies. It was actually pretty well done using Sakuragi's extremely erratic play to revolve around it. On a basketball perspective, this hardly delivers at all, just showing a bunch of scoring between different players, though the execution of the flashbacks was done pretty decently. Having three straight flashbacks seems pretty silly, but how they all built up upon each other was well, decent. Simply put, average all around.