Slam Dunk

Season 1 Episode 14

Super High School Level! Ryonan's Fierce Attack

Aired Unknown Feb 05, 1994 on Toei Animation
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Super High School Level! Ryonan's Fierce Attack
Sakuragi keeps begging Anzai to let him join the game. At 14 mins, Ryonan has a 0-15 lead, with everyone cheering for Sendoh. Sendoh and Uozumi, both play brilliantly. The first half ends with a score of 42-50.

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  • Realistic and exaggerated at the same time.

    Uozumi and his three in a row blocks really upped the tempo and energy for Ryonan. Not only that, but Sendo has been killing Rukawa on the fastbreaks, fooling him into thinking he'll be shooting, and then passing it at the last second. Ryonan quickly gains a 15 point advantage, while Shohoku remains at 0. Sakuragi is anxious to get on the court, but Anzai continues to allow him to play with his double chin. Rukawa however, stole the ball off an alley oop pass to Sendo, and raced down the court to make a lay up. Sendo tries to block it, but he passed it to Akagi, firing up a rivalry between Akagi and Uozumi, and Sendo and Rukawa. Shohoku eventually makes it a competitive game thanks to Rukawa and Akagi, and the score is 42-50 at the end of the first half.

    Whilel a little far-fetched, this truly has been an exciting basketball match. To be honest, I was expecting Shohoku to remain defeated until Sakuragi entered the game, providing every inch of spirit and energy Shohoku would use to defeat Ryonan. It's great how realistic the direction of this match was, excluding of course, some exaggerated moments. The rivalries between the four players is really starting to get intense and intriguing, as if you were really watching a real basketball game in front of your eyes. In fact, while I was watching the game, I was simulating in my head some moves I would have made if I were Anzai. I also like how it wasn't one sided the whole time, which is what most sports movies are famous for. While Ryonan did dominate in the beginning, Shohoku came back. However, they didn't go on a 30 to 0 run like in Air Bud; Ryonan kept it competitive, and even featured it with Uozumi blocking Akagi. Plus, Sakuragi provided some comedy in this episode by continuing to play with Anzai's double chin, poking the opposing team's coach in the butt, and going over the scorer's table and manually giving his own team 10 points just because Akagi made a powerful dunk.moreless

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