Slam Dunk

Season 1 Episode 2

The Hell with Basketball! Hanamichi vs. Rukawa

Aired Unknown Oct 30, 1993 on Toei Animation
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After Rukawa beats up those thugs, Hanamichi is shocked and asks him for his name. When he discovers that he is the one that Haruko has a crush on, he becomes angry. Then, Haruko comes and helps Rukawa with his wounds, but he dismisses her and this makes Hanamichi very angry. Haruko mistakes Hanamichi for injuring Rukawa and she says that she hates Hanamichi. Hanamichi's world comes tumbling down again.moreless

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    When Sakuragi and the gang reach the roof, they find a tall man standing among the already beaten up third years they were going to fight. His name was Rukawa, the one Haruko has a crush on. Sakuragi almost fights him, but Haruko stops him, and tells him he hates him. Sakuragi was heart broken, and tried committing suicide before his friends stopped him. During classes, Haruko was ashamed of herself because she misunderstood the situation, and wanted to apologize to Sakuragi after school. Though after school, Sakuragi picks a fight with two members of the basketball team. The captain of the basketball team gets involved, and challenges Sakuragi in a one on one match. If Sakuragi scores one point, he wins, while if the captain scores ten, it's his victory. Though it'll be a tough task for Sakuragi, as he doesn't know the rules of the game. He even tries kicking it. After Haruko hears the news, she tells her friend the basketball team captain is actually her brother!

    There's just something about the humour in these old animes. They seem to provide the best laughters, though it'll be tough to top Photon in comedy. It was pretty funny how Sakuragi called the captain of the basketball team a gurilla, then his face changes literally turns into a gurilla. Just the image of it was funny. During the beginning of the episode, when the gang reach the top of the roof, one of the third year students was on top of another student, with his face in front of his crotch. Yeah a little immature you could say, but it was pretty funny still. It was also rather amusing seeing Sakuragi blame all of his misfortunes on God. The episode pulled a few surprises that weren't really predictable. Haruko being the sister of the captain of the basketball team was the biggest one. The newer generation of animes would make it so obvious, but it was pretty near here. Plus, I never expected for Haruko to realize she misunderstood the situation so soon when someone told her right after the commercials that it wasn't Sakuragi that gave Rukawa that bloody face--even though afterwards, he did cause more damage.moreless

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