Slam Dunk

Season 1 Episode 30

The Introspective Army's Big Counterattack

Aired Unknown Jun 25, 1994 on Toei Animation
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With four of Shohoku's best players finally entering in the game, the tables turn quickly as they narrow the lead down to only 2. Sakuragi was hacked on a play, giving him two shots at the freethrow line. Though things were tough for him, as nervousness broke his concentration, and his imagination started running wild.moreless

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  • Freethrows? Those are easy! Well, not really...

    While it seems like Shohoku was done and out, they added new weapons to their lineup. Most in particular, Rukawa, Miyagi, and Mitsui. Miyagi was getting his teammates open looks and stealing the ball, while Mitsui was providing the push with his 3 point shooting. Akagi and Rukawa were also benefitting from Miyagi thanks to their size, but Sakuragi seemed to have been left out of the circle. Only down by 2 points, Miyagi passes it to Sakuragi, who tries a dunk, but he gets hacked on the play. He goes up for a freethrow, which he's completely ignorant on, and gets nervous. In fact, he starts imagining things, and is eventually called for taking too long. He has a second chance, and he decides to ally oop himself, but Rukawa took his spotlight, jumped in the air, and dunked it in. Now, the score is tied.

    It was great how in the first half of this episode, Shohoku made a tremendous come back thanks to Miyagi's quickness that allows him to get past by defenders, get steals, and find open teammates, along with Mitsui's flawless 3 point shooting form. Plus, with other bigs like Sakuragi, Akagi, and the versatility of Rukawa, it seems like they were well on their way to easily winning it. In fact, I think I would compare them to the Detroit Pistons with a few adjustments. For the past years, they've been hailed to have the best starting five in the NBA (before losing Ben Wallace). They really were a flawless team that complimented each other so perfectly. I feel like Shohoku is the same, and it's fun noticing and comparing these types of things.

    The second half did an even wonderful job of portraying the concept of a freethrow. No one realizes how difficult they are until you actually get up and shoot one. With players all looking at you, you just get nervous, and your heart stats beating so fast, that you'll most likely miss it. While Sakuragi's situation was a tad exaggerated--I mean, I don't think anyone would imagine the stuff he imagined during his trip to the freethrow line--it did help emphasize how difficult a free throw is, and as a basketball player, that really is appreciative. Though it was funny how he tried throwing the ball to himselfu, but Rukawa jumps straight up and dunks it back in for him.moreless

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