Slam Dunk

Season 1 Episode 84

Win or Lose

Aired Unknown Nov 04, 1995 on Toei Animation
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Kogure's 3 pointer put Shohoku up, but Sendoh wouldn't let his team get defeated so easily.

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  • It made me cry.

    Oh my god. I'm a 23 years old dude that didn't cry in years, but this episode got me. I always thought there must be something wrong with me because I didn't cry, not watching dramas or anything, and what got me to cry is an Anime.

    Slam Dunk is far from perfect, at least when you start to watch it you think "why the hell does the time goes so damn slow in a match?", I got my answer today, aside for the usual responses: suspense, filler, etc, they were building an emotional part of the show, and boy it paid. Did I want to see various episodes of Akagi's first years on Shohoku and his dream? No, I didn't. With only 1 or 2 I tought it were enough. My memory might be wrong but I think there's tons of references to Akagi's dream...everyone's dream, but Akagi is the one who fight the most for that dream. And seeing him cry at the end of the match when they won against Ryonan was awesome. It paid off. I was emotionally linked to Akagi and everyone on the team, seeing "King Kong" cry like a baby was just too damn good, and it made me cry too.Seeing everyone cheer, cry, etc was just so damn good. And the end with the team picking up the trainer, with the opening song in the background...was great.

    Also Sakuragi's dunk at the end was awesome. I thought several time, why when he takes a rebound doesn't he just dunk the ball if he's close to the...thingy, I don't remember it's name English is not my first language. Well he finally did that in this episode, giving Shohoku 2 more points and the victory. There were a couple of seconds left but with 4 points of difference it was a done match.

    In paper Slam Dunk is not the best anime of all time. It doesn't have good animation, it doesn't haveintriguingplotlines, etc, but the fact is even if you know it's not perfect, when you watch it all you are left behind with the idea you just watch one of the best anime of all time just because it has an emotional side some animes lack and it got deep into you.

    Go shohoku!moreless
  • Slam Dunk is a real banger for ending arcs, and this just proves why.

    Kogure's 3 pointer really put a nail in Ryonan's coffin. Sendoh was able to score a point, making it only a 2 point lead. Akagi tries going up for a shot, but misses. Sakuragi goes up for the put back dunk, sealing the game. Everyone starts crying, especially Akagi, who's long dream of making it to the nationals has come true. The players even visited Anzai to tell him the news personally. Everyone's thrilled.

    Slam Dunk always ends its matches with bangers. Instead of relying solely on one moment to make things emotional, there were a string of them here. Sakuragi's put back dunk was extremely nice, but him running back to defense was much more impressive on a basketball standpoint. That was what really made this a great finisher for a match. Everything that followed did a good job of rewarding you with the satisfaction where it's due that's been building up through the various flashbacks throughout the course of the match.moreless

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