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  • Battles (2008)
    • No episodes have been added for this season of SlamBall.
  • Season 2
    • Riders vs Mob
      Riders vs Mob
      Episode 55
    • Mob vs Riders 2
      Mob vs Riders 2
      Episode 10
    • Rumble vs Slashers
      Rumble defeated the Slashers 62-53
    • Mob vs Diablos
      Mob vs Diablos
      Episode 8
      Diablos d. Mob 63-59
    • Rumble vs Diablos
      Rumble d. Diablos 65-52
    • Riders vs Rumble
      Riders vs Rumble
      Episode 5
    • Steal vs Bandits
      Steal vs Bandits
      Episode 4
    • Rumble vs Mob
      Rumble vs Mob
      Episode 3
      -Leila,Pat C. and Reggie are back in the studio and Marcellus Wiley of the San Diego Chargers joins Bob and Pat P. in the booth.
      -Starting for the Rumble are handler Jelani Janisse, gunners David Redmond & Whitney White and stopper Dion Mays. The MOB starters are handler Noah Ballou, gunners Sean "Inches" Jackson & Chris Robbins and stopper Kevin Cassidy.
      -Coaching the Rumble is Ken Carter and coaching the Mob is Brendan Kirsch.
      -Sugar Ray Leonard is interviewed by Jill Arrington.
      -At halftime, LaMonica Garrett is profiled(he's dating Claudia Jordan, formerly of "The Price Is Right"). Other scores:MOB over Bouncers 62-52("Inches" gets SlamBall's first triple-double[15 points, 10 loose balls retrieved(LBR's), 11 hits]), Rumble over Bandits 72-40.
      -Final:Rumble win 41-36. Jill interviews MVP Whitney White(25 points)
      -Postgame features a "Flomotion" of Robbins taking it to the rim.moreless
    • Riders vs Steal
      Riders vs Steal
      Episode 2
      -Leila, Reggie and Pat C. in the studio get us ready for the game. -For the second week in a row, Shawn Marion is with Bob and Pat P. in the booth. -Starting for the Riders are handler Calvin Patterson, gunners James Willis & Joe Cocca and stopper George Byrd. The Steal starters are handler Sam Jones, gunners Anthony Myers & Stan Fletcher and stopper Albert Jones. -The coaches are Xavier McDaniel (who is praised by George Byrd in a taped interview) for the Riders and Brian Taylor for the Steal. -Halftime features a segment on Stan "Shakes" Fletcher. Other scores: Rumble over Diablos 65-59, Slashers over Bandits 74-71. We see a "Flomotion" photo of a huge 1st half dunk by Fletcher. -Final Score: Riders win 73-68. The MVP is George Byrd. -Jill interviews Taylor and Byrd seperate interviews. -Post-game report with Leila, Reggie and Pat C. to close the show.moreless
    • Diablos vs Slashers
      -Pregame report with Leila Feinstein, Pat Croce and Reggie Theus. -In the Booth: Bob Papa, Pat Parnell and Phoenix Suns' Shawn Marion. -Starters: Mason Gordon (Handler), Ray Ross (Gunner), David Jackson (Gunner) and Anthony White (Stopper) for the Diablos and for the Slashers: Josh Carlson (Handler), Tarron Williams (Gunner), Sheggy Obebe (Gunner) and Adam Hooker (Stopper). -Coaches: Joe Bryant for the Diablos and Kevin Stapleton for the Slashers. -Final Score: Diablos win 47-46. Anthony White is the MVP. -Jill Arrington talks to both starting stoppers in separate interviews. -Halftime Report: Mob over Steal 70-55, Bouncers over Riders 77-59. -Debut of "Flomotion" showing White dunking over Hooker.moreless
  • Season 1
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    • No episodes have been added for this season of SlamBall.