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  • Awesome!

    This game gets your adrenaline pumping more than regular basketball because you watch players soar over one another via trampolines in the floor for a 3-point slam dunk.
  • Slamball is a brilliant and innotive new sport that in my oppinion is better to watch then basketball.

    Slamball is a brilliant and innotive new sport that in my oppinion is better to watch then basketball.
    For one its a lot more violent and who doesnt like a good bit of violence,
    two the slam dunks thta can be done are a lot more stylish and interesting because it is doen off of a trampoline,also slamball has got quite a few people that really spice up the game.
    In my oppinion this sport should be a lot bigger than it is because it is a fun easy to watch game.I would absolutely love to play slamball.
    Great sport. yes
  • With these rules,everyone wins in the end!!!

    Each team has eight players, four play at one time. They have a handler (point guard), two gunners (shooting guard or small forward), and a stopper (defensive center). They play inside plexiglass on a court with four trampolines that shoot them 17 feet up. Each game has two eight-minute halfs. The game starts with a bounce-off. Then the teams start the show. Points are scored as in basketball, except dunks are worth three points. There is no inbounding, except after timeouts and faceoffs. Faceoffs are when the foul-commiter goes to block the man who got fouled one-on-one. The team who drew the foul gets the ball back. Three fouls and you are gone. Turnover Scenarios: 2 players on island. Charging. 2 players on trampoline. An offensive player jumping from one tramp to another if defender is back. Jumpball goes to defense. An offensive player diving into the tramps for a loose ball. Faceoff Scenarios: Holding. Contact while offensive player is airborne. Popcorn effect (Deadening offensive bounce). Contact after whistle. Hit before dribble. Jumping forward to stop offense. Goaltending: Hanging on the rim only on perimeter threes. How Can You NOT like SLAMBALL