SlamBall - Season 1

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  • Diablos vs Mob, Steal vs Rumble
    -Mob defeats Diablos 58-56. Reebok MVP:Mob's Chris Robbins(for stepping up when teammate Sean Jackson fouled out). LVP(Least Valuable Player):Diablos' Mason Gordon. Play Of The Game:Sean Jackson using his "McNasty" dunk for the first time in a game. -Steal defeats Rumble 40-34. MVP:Steal's Stan Fletcher. LVP:Rumble's James Willis. Play Of The Game:Steal's Marcus Reed stops Rumble's Dion Mays in a face-off. PLUS:A look at the game's creation, profiles of Rumble coach Ken Carter and Mob's Sean Jackson and a special appearance by NBA broadcaster Pat Croce.moreless
  • Semi-Finals: Bouncers vs Diablos, Rumble vs Steal
    Diablos over Bouncers 49-46. Reebok MVP:Diablos' David Jackson. No LVP. Play Of The Game:Diablos' Anthony White and Bouncers' Chris Young knock the door off the enclosure. Profile of Steal coach Brian Taylor. Rumble over Steal 46-44. Reebok MVP:Rumble's Whitney White. No LVP. Play Of The Game:Whitney White hits a 35-foot 3-pointer to beat the shot clock.moreless
  • The Road To SlamBall
  • Slam Dunk Contest, Finals: Diablos vs Rumble
    -Slam Dunk contest:highlights of qualifying rounds. Semi-Finals:Fletcher(tramp-to-tramp windmill)-92 points(out of 100), Sheridan(revolution front flip dunk)-89, Gordon(tramp-to-tramp 540 windmill)-86, S. Jackson(McNasty)-93, Robbins("Squirrel"[Superman leap from side tramp to bottom tramp, bouncing off the back into the dunk])-97(Robbins, S. Jackson & Fletcher advance) Finals:Fletcher(windmill with Goldman assist)-88, S. Jackson(Reverse McNasty)-97, Robbins("Squirrel", but with Superman leap replaced by backflip from top tramp)-99. Chris Robbins is the first SlamBall slam dunk champion. -Championship Game(played in two ten-minute halves with four fouls equalling a foul-out):Rumble over Diablos 46-41. Reebok MVP:Dion Mays. No LVP. Play Of The Game:Mays' huge 2nd half block. Plus:Profiles of Mays, Mark Ellis and D. Jackson. Special appearances:Quentin Richardson and Darius Miles. -Mystro interviews Carter.moreless
  • Steal vs Mob, Diablos vs Bouncers
    -Mob over Steal 52-49. Reebok MVP:Robbins. LVP:Steal's Michael Goldman. Play of The Game:Robbins' last-second game-winner. -"This Week In SlamBall":Slashers over Steal 52-43(Only win of the season for the Slashers, who were out of playoff race), Diablos over Mob 52-43. -Profile of Bouncers' Chris Young. -Diablos over Bouncers 42-37. Reebok MVP:Diablos' Anthony White. LVP:Bouncers' Rob Wilson. Play Of The Game:Diablos' Ray Ross dunks over Wilson.moreless
  • Bouncers vs Steal, Rumble vs Mob
    -Rumble over Mob 46-43. Reebok MVP:Mays. LVP:Mob's Kendrick Tolliver. Play Of The Game:Mob's LaMonica Garrett dunks over Rumble's David Redmond. -"This Week in SlamBall":Mob over Slashers 71-55, Rumble over Diablos 53-37, Steal over Mob 48-38, Diablos over Slashers 54-39, Rumble over Bouncers 59-47. -Profile of LaMonica Garrett and Chris Robbins. -Bouncers over Steal 57-55. Reebok MVP:Bouncers' Chris Young. LVP:Steal's Sam Jones. Play Of The Game:Steal's Jeff Sheridan missing a revolution front flip dunk.moreless
  • Steal vs Slashers, Bouncers vs Rumble
    -Steal over Slashers 53-47. Reebok MVP:Steal's Stan Fletcher. LVP:Slashers' Tommie Davis. Play Of The Game:Eian Daniels of the Slashers with a blind windmill dunk. -"This Week In SlamBall":Diablos over Slashers 56-28, Rumble over Steal 52-46, Bouncers over Slashers 81-51, Rumble over Mob 59-40. -"SlamBall 101":Mystro Clark talks about SlamBall positions(handler, gunner and stopper) with help from Michael Goldman, LaMonica Garrett and Anthony White. -Profile of Goldman and Fletcher of the Steal. -Rumble over Bouncers 49-47. Reebok MVP:Willis. LVP:Bouncers' Chris Young. Play Of The Game:Dion Mays of the Rumble stops Young from scoring. Special appearance by Cuba Gooding Jr. and his sons Spencer and Mason.moreless
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