Sledge Hammer!

Season 1 Episode 7

All Shook Up

Aired Friday 9:30 PM Nov 07, 1986 on ABC
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All Shook Up
Sledge investigates the murder of Elvis impersonators.

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Tom McFadden

Tom McFadden

Mr. P

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Viveca Parker

Viveca Parker


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Jonathan Von Brana

Jonathan Von Brana

Elvis in Lineup

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Kurt Paul

Kurt Paul

Norman Blates

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  • QUOTES (8)

    • Doreau: What on earth could the killer's motive be to murder fifteen Elvis impersonators?
      Hammer: Obviously to get in the Guinness Book.

    • Hammer: You know, for all my years of being a cop, I will never figure out how people time and time again can do something like this.
      Doreau: It's true. The taking of a human life is just deplorable.
      Hammer: Not that. Drawing the chalk outlines around bodies. It's a ridiculous way to make a living.

    • Blates: If you'll excuse me, I have to go get ready. Photographers are coming to take some pictures of myself with all these dead Elvises.
      Hammer: For the newspapers?
      Blates: No, the Guinness Book.

    • Doreau: Imagine what it's like being a coroner. Going to bed every night, knowing the first thing to greet you in the morning is a dead body.
      Hammer: Of course I can imagine, Doreau. I told you: I was married for five years.

    • Hammer: Why is the press always glorifying violent people? They should write about somebody like me for a change.

    • Hammer: Good idea, Doerau. You know, I hate to admit it, but sometime you think like a man. I respect that.
      Doreau: Thanks a lot. Actually coming from you that's quite a compliment.

    • (Hammer sneaks into the student records room of the School of Elvis Impersonators and looks under the file "Grads '86" when Mr. Yamamoto opens the door and turns on the lights)
      Yamamoto: You're not supposed to be in here! This is the student record room. Private! I'm calling police.
      Hammer: Hold on, friend. I am the police. (pulls out badge) Inspector Sledge Hammer. I'm on an investigation.
      Yamamoto: Investigation?
      Hammer: So maybe you can help me. Can you think of any past students who might have... I don't know... acted, sort of... strangely?
      Yamamoto: Yes, all of them!
      Hammer: Can you think of one who might have resorted to... murder?
      Yamamoto: I'm not answering any more questions. (points to the door) Leave! Right now! I want to get off in time to watch Mr. Belvedere.
      Hammer: I guess somebody has to.

    • Trunk: Any leads?
      Hammer: Not really, but after a few more victims get killed, we'll have more to go on!

  • NOTES (3)

    • Hammer's line "Between Dallas and Miami? What a terrible place to be." is a reference to the show's Friday night time slot between the two shows, Miami Vice and Dallas, which were crushing it in the ratings.

    • This episode contains a sarcastic jab towards the show Mr. Belvedere. This in turn started a nasty feud between the two shows.

    • No actual Elvis songs were allowed in this episode because Colonel Parker was outraged at the episode's premise.


    • Copycat Copycat Killer: Murder Scenes
      The Elvis Impersonators' murder scenes, from the shot of the microphone to the music, is a homage to the shower scene in Psycho.