Sledge Hammer!

Season 1 Episode 17

Brother, Can You Spare a Crime?

Aired Friday 9:30 PM Jan 31, 1987 on ABC
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Episode Summary

A criminal claims to be Sledge's brother and Hammer is forced to wonder if it's true.

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    Dorothy Dells

    Dorothy Dells


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    Mie Hunt

    Mie Hunt

    Mrs. Steinberg

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    Ralph Peduto

    Ralph Peduto

    Officer Wishing to Invite Myles

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    Leslie Morris

    Leslie Morris

    Officer Mayjoy

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      • Doreau: Hammer, I cannot believe what you're saying. Incarcerate potential criminals at birth? What are you going to do, throw them in a baby prison?
        Hammer: If they resist arrest.

      • Hammer: I'll tell you what, I'll prove my point here. I'll show you that the Sledge Hammer "scum begets scum" theory is scientific fact.
        Doreau: Hammer, that's absolutely unnecessary.
        Hammer: So is saying that.

      • Doreau: Hammer, you're not going to believe this. A man was just booked for breaking into the Wentworth mansion.
        Hammer: So what?
        Doreau: Well, I thought this would be of particular interest to you.
        Hammer: Why, did someone get killed?
        Doreau: No.
        Hammer: Well, then don't tease me, Doreau.

      • Hammer: Well, if you're supposed to be my brother, how come my parents never talk about you?
        Trunk: Probably in fear of his safety, Hammer.

      • Myles: Mother and Father gave me up at birth. They had what is known as... a shotgun wedding.
        Hammer: Ooh, a shotgun wedding. Boy, that sounds romantic.

      • Hammer: I've never lived with another human being in my entire life.
        Doreau: You were married.
        Hammer: That's what I mean.

      • Myles: We must have something in common. Do you like chess?
        Hammer: No. I prefer games of true mental agility and stamina. Like sculling.
        Myles: Okay, you like canoeing. Great.
        Hammer: No. Bashing skulls.

      • Doreau: You know, it's so odd. Two brothers, same genes. One of them goes so wrong.
        Myles: Well, I guess I'm just a victim of circumstances.
        Doreau: I was referring to Sledge.

      • Doreau: Captain, Myles really isn't Hammer's brother. It was all a ruse. He's really an unemployed thespian.
        Hammer: Yeah, and he's an actor too.

      • Trunk: I wonder where he got all this ammunition.
        Hammer: He must have picked the lock on my hope chest.

      • Hammer: By the way, where are the Wentworths?
        Mayjoy: Only the maid was home. The Wentworths are at a Republican caucus meeting.
        Hammer: Where?
        Mayjoy: At the Liar's Club.

      • Hammer: You know what burns me up the worst, brother dearest?
        Myles: That I borrowed your suit?
        Hammer: Well, that too. But worse than that, you tried to play on my emotions. What few I have.

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