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    Attention, all you sea-urchins and reprobates:

    If you love Sledge Hammer! as much as Sledge loves his gun, then I invite you to drop on by the Sledge Hammer! Online discussion forum at

    Here you will find yourself among fellow hammerheads. You can discuss any aspect of your favorite TV cop show, knowing that you are surrounded by like-minded supporters. You will be able to meet and interact with Hammerheads from all over the world (yes, there is a name for us.) You can even learn where to order Sledge Hammer merchandise, so that you can display your love of our favorite TV show.

    You don't even have to own a .44 Magnum or hate Mr Belvedere, although neither one of these will hurt.

    And we are socially conscious at Sledge Hammer Online. We never fire our guns near the eldery or small children, because we don't want to expose them to second-hand gunsmoke.

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    That's a great site. I also found a good site that has a section devoted to Sledge. go to and click the Sledge hammer page.
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