Sledge Hammer!

Season 1 Episode 15

Haven't Gun, Will Travel

Aired Friday 9:30 PM Jan 17, 1987 on ABC
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Haven't Gun, Will Travel
The mastermind behind an upcoming silver heist has the unbribable Sledge's gun stolen to undermine the inspector's self-confidence.

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    Anne-Marie Martin

    Anne-Marie Martin

    Officer Dori Doreau (1986-1988)

    Harrison Page

    Harrison Page

    Captain Trunk

    David Rasche

    David Rasche

    Det. Insp. Sledge Hammer

    Jeff Doucette

    Jeff Doucette


    Guest Star

    Jerry Hosuer

    Jerry Hosuer


    Guest Star

    Allan Miller

    Allan Miller


    Guest Star

    Leslie Morris

    Leslie Morris

    Officer Mayjoy

    Recurring Role

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      • Doreau: So what were you up to last night?
        Hammer: Oh, some slimeballs held a meeting to protest police brutality.
        Doreau: Oh yeah? What happened.
        Hammer: I broke it up with clubs and tear gas.

      • Doreau: In London the cops don't carry guns and criminals don't carry a gun. And London is a very safe city to live in.
        Hammer: Yeah. Especially if you're a crook, and you've got a gun.

      • Doreau: I don't believe this. It's 9 a.m. and already we've had an armored car hold-up, three prisoners, and a car crash.
        Hammer: Yeah, it's always slow just after Christmas.

      • Trunk: Hammer, what's the matter with you? What are you afraid of? Haven't you ever been analyzed?
        Hammer: Not by anybody who lived.

      • Hammer: Excessive force, what excessive force?
        Trunk: What excessive force? What about the time you broke up that phony casino with a torpedo?
        Hammer: Ah. You should have seen that. Everywhere you looked, fish and chips.

      • Dr. Weisbart: You don't like psychiatrists, do you, Hammer?
        Hammer: The last guy to point a finger at me ended up limping through the Yellow Pages.
        Dr. Weisbart: Hammer, we must start out by trusting one another.
        Hammer: Trust you? You sound like a Nazi.
        Dr. Weisbart: Well, thank you very much, but enough about me. Why don't you just make yourself comfortable? Uh, perhaps you want to take off your gun?
        Hammer: I never take off my gun.
        Dr. Weisbart: Now, surely you must take it off sometime. I mean, you wouldn't sleep with your gun.
        Hammer: Says who?

      • Hammer: I'm just a typical cop.
        Trunk: Typ... typical cop? If that were true, then all you'd hear is gunfire all day long, and the streets would be lined with funeral processions.
        Hammer: Don't try to cheer me up.

      • Hammer: This whole thing has just complete sapped my self-confidence. I'm not a man any more. I'm indecisive. Well, actually, I don't know, maybe I'm not. No, I, I... am.

      • Fredricks: A day without Hammer is like a day without darkness.

      • Fredricks: Now, we're going to melt all this down, pour it into molds, and then ship it out as a hundred thousand statues of Hugh Hefner.
        Dr. Weisbart: Who would buy so many statues?
        Fredricks: Hugh Hefner.

      • Doreau: Better call the precinct.
        Hammer: Doreau, I'll make my all decisions. Better call the precinct.

      • Hammer: You know, Doreau, I act sure of myself but deep down, I got doubts. All the explosions and shootings and the violence.
        Doreau: Yeah, makes you wonder if it's necessary.
        Hammer: No, I wonder why it isn't working.

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