Sledge Hammer!

Season 2 Episode 19

Here's to You, Mrs. Hammer

Aired Friday 9:30 PM Feb 12, 1988 on ABC

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  • In this, the final episode, Sledge is forced to come to terms with his ex-wife marrying his best friend, both of whom he has known since college. He goes through quite a crisis and in the process he begins to question his nihilistic view on life.

    First of all, this is an episode that has a lot of character development crammed into it.

    As mentioned in the summary. Sledge is forced to come to terms with his ex-wife marrying his best friend. An ex-wife that's nowhere near the monstrous dragon lady, we had come to believe. He goes through quite a crisis and in the process we get a rare glimpse behind his macho facade. He begins to question his nihilistic exterior and starts to wonder about spending the rest of his life alone.

    It was a bit hard for me to see the man, I've come to know as a sexist, ultra-violent, gun-toting, but otherwise squeaky-clean, cop ponder the very value of the characteristics that has made him, what he is. On the other hand it was very satisfying to see that underneath his macho facade he's as human and vulnerable as the rest of us.

    It was, however, particularly heart-wrenching to see Sledge throw his trusty amigo across the floor. But the look on Dori's face when she's told that he's not wearing his gun to church is priceless. It's a big gesture from a man, who in the original pilot said: "Don't thank God, thank gun."

    He's come a long way since then and he actually seems quite serious to me while popping the question. That's why I really do believe that Sledge was absolutely serious when he asked Dori to marry him. And although I do understand why Dori might have been skeptical about the proposal, It broke my heart when he copped out at the last minute.

    Sure, he claims it was a joke, but I think he did it because of a fear of rejection.

    Overall this is a very important episode. Not only is it the last one in the series, it shows Sledge grow more as a person in one episode than most characters do in a whole season. It is also an episode that has kept "Hammerheads" all over the world guessing as to, whether anything ever happened between Doreau and Hammer.
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