Sledge Hammer!

Season 1 Episode 10

If I Had a Little Hammer

Aired Friday 9:30 PM Nov 29, 1986 on ABC

Episode Recap

A van from Ridel baby supplies arrives at the hospital's delivery dock, and the driver goes inside. He goes to the nursery, while a few minute later Senior Nurse Robbins tells a younger nurse to stop eating on duty and check the nursery. The nurse goes to the nursery and finds that all of the babies have been stolen.

Hammer and Doreau arrive at the station and find it filled with weeping parents filing complaints. Trunk explains about the stolen babies and that they were taken by a black market baby-selling ring. Hammer isn't thrilled to e assigned to a case involving babies, but Doreau asks to be assigned to the case. One couple, the Yates, come in looking for help. Doreau and Hammer interview them, with Hammer his usual unsympathetic self. The parents give the partners a description and Doreau promises to get their baby back. Hammer warns her that it's a bad idea for cops to make those kinds of promises. Doreau wonders if the case is awakening her maternal instincts and whether they'll get in the way of her doing her job.

At the hospital, Hammer barges into the delivery room to talk to Senior Nurse Robbins. He's never seen a baby being born before and avoids looking at it while interrogating Robbins. He insists that she's incompetent and angry, Robbins tells them to get out.

The next day at the station, Hammer comes in and sees that Doreau has dozed off at her desk after working the case all night. He tells her that he's got a lead: his informant Shy Eddie wants to meet them at a car wash to pass on his info. They go to the car wash where Shy Eddie gets in the back and insists that they shouldn't look at him. He tells them to drive into the car wash and too late they realize Hammer's windows don't roll up. As the interior fills up with water, Shy Eddie tells them that the Bayside Adoptive Agency is involved. Once outside, Shy Eddie runs away and Doreau decides they need to go undercover as a childless couple.

At the adoption agency, they meet with Mrs. Calder and Doreau drops broad hints about how they have a lot of money and are looking for a child no matter what it takes. Hammer describes all of the material items they have, and Calder orders them out. Doreau figures the agency is legitimate, but a receptionist approaches them and offers to connect them with the baby-selling ring. They set up a meet for that night at Hammer's apartment, where they hide all of Hammer's police memorabilia. The man from Ridel, Felix, arrives, and offers them a baby matching their description for $50,000. They agree and Felix goes back to the supply company to find a baby for them. Since Doreau and Hammer gave him the description of the Yates baby, Felix picks that one and talks to his partner and sister... Nurse Robbins. He wants her to get the Yates couple's baby back and she says it's already been sold. He tells her to get the baby boy back.

Trunk gives the partners $50,000 for the sting operation and tells Hammer not to let the money out of his sight. They go to Ridel and meet with Felix to make the payoff, but Robbins arrives and recognizes them. Robbins turns off the lights and she and her brother make a run for it. Hammer goes after Felix and Doreau after Robbins. The nurse tries to run Doreau over with a forklift while Hammer and Felix exchange gunfire. Finally the detectives capture brother and sister and take them into custody, then take them to the station (after Hammer remembers to take the money).

At the station, Trunk congratulates the partners and Doreau admits that she couldn't have done it without Hammer. Hammer is unimpressed. The Yates arrive with their recovered son and offer to name it after Sledge... until they learn what Sledge's first name is. They want Hammer to hold the baby while they get a picture, but he quickly hands it back when it wets its diaper...

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