Sledge Hammer!

Season 1 Episode 10

If I Had a Little Hammer

Aired Friday 9:30 PM Nov 29, 1986 on ABC

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  • Hammer and Doreau rush to break up a baby-theft ring.

    A nurse is horrified to see that a ward full of infants was kidnapped. The case goes to Hammer and Doreau. The captain says the crime was the work of an organized ring. Hammer hates the case, but goes along anyway.

    Doreau is more enthusiastic, and tries to get a description from a married couple. The game is afoot.

    The cops head to the delilvery room to speak to the nurse. She has no new answers. Doreau grows more troubled. Hammer manages to get a lead.

    A snitch provides them with a tip that sends them to an adoption agency. There, a woman named Margaret sets them up to meet her partner. Back to Hammer's place for the meeting. He and Dori pretend to be a couple eager for a child.

    I'm not sure they'd comprise anybody's ideal family. Or even semi-competent family. But they won't stop until justice is done and injustice is thoroughly embarrassed.
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