Sledge Hammer!

Season 2 Episode 10

Last of the Red Hot Vampires

Aired Friday 9:30 PM Nov 19, 1987 on ABC

Episode Recap

A vampire enters the bedroom of an attractive sleeping woman… and his fangs fall out. Director Steven Schmielman calls cut and stops the filming then berates the vampire actor, Vincent Lagarski. Schmielman fires the actor and tells his assistant Zeff Campbell to throw him out. Zeff apologetically tries to escort Lagarski out but the actor insists on making his own exit, alone. Hammer and Doreau are at a bar watching the news when they see the broadcast announcing that Lagarski died peacefully at home. Hammer admits he doesn't believe in the supernatural or superstitions. Meanwhile, Schmielman is sleeping at home after dozing off over his script for the movie, Touch of the Vampire. A shadowy figure enters his bedroom and the director wakes up to find something attacking his neck. The next morning, Hammer and Doreau arrive at the crime scene and Coroner Norman Blates reports that every drop of blood was drained from Schmielman's body. They spot the script and go to the movie set, where the crew is tearing down the production. With Schmielman's death, the film has been cancelled. Zeff tells explains what's going on and how Schmielman fired Lagarski, and directs the detectives to the leading lady, Jessica Novak. Novak bursts into tears and sobs convincingly… until she realizes they're not reporters. She slaps Hammer and leaves. Back at the station, civilians are reporting vampire sightings and claiming that Lagarski is at large. Hammer doesn't believe it and insists there's nothing that can frighten him, at least until Trunk tells him that his ex-wife called. Later, Hammer dozes off in front of his TV during a newscast on the vampire sightings. Novak is at home in the bath when the same shadowy figure enters and something attacks her. The next morning, Doreau calls Hammer to the crime scene where Novak has been similarly drained of blood. Witnesses in the apartment claim they saw a caped figure running from the scene. They ask Trunk to authorize an exhumation of Lagarski's grave. He's reluctant to do so but Hammer promises he won't tell anyone. Sure enough, he doesn't: he just wheels the coffin into the station house. They open it and discover that Lagarski's body is gone. The detectives go to see Lagarski's daughter Malovia, who the actor was staying with. Malovia admits the coffin was show and she accidentally scattered her father's ashes along the freeway. She invites them in to the basement where her father kept all of his movie memorabilia. She says her father died quietly after spending his last years forgotten by his fans. Hammer believes that she has a motive and prepares to arrest her, but Lagarski reveals that he's still alive. He admits that he faked his death to promote himself, but he had nothing to do with the murders. Hammer doesn't believe him and makes the arrest. That night at his apartment, Hammer talks to Doreau on the phone and tells her that everything's settled. He prepares to go to bed but a shadowy figure enters his apartment: Zeff Campbell, dressed as a vampire. Zeff admits that now that Lagarski has turned up alive, he has no one to pin the murders on. He killed Schmielman to collect the insurance on the unfinished film, and Novak to publicize the movie. Hammer doesn't believe he's any thread, but Zeff reveals his murder weapon: a vampire bat. He unleashes it on Hammer, who manages to throw it off and shoot it in the wing. The police take Zeff and his vampire bat away, while Hammer admits to Doreau that now Lagarski will live forever… in his movies.