Sledge Hammer!

Season 2 Episode 10

Last of the Red Hot Vampires

Aired Friday 9:30 PM Nov 19, 1987 on ABC



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    • Hammer: Actors. The only time a man should wear make-up on his face is after he's been embalmed.
      Doreau: Sledge, how do you always manage to say horrible things.
      Hammer: It's easy. I just use the English language.

    • Blates: You see? Just like I said. Every last drop of blood has been drained from the victim's body.
      Hammer: I haven't seen a man bled this dry since the DeLorean divorce.

    • Blates: I tell you, I haven't seen anything like this in my twelve years as a coroner.
      Doreau: I haven't seen anything like this in my six years as a cop.
      Hammer: I haven't seen anything like this in my 49 years as a man.
      Doreau: Sledge, you're only 40.
      Hammer: I was a man nine years before I was born, Doreau.

    • Doreau: Do you have any idea what sort of person would want to drain a young director of all his blood?
      Zeff: Any William-Morris agent.

    • Trunk: I've got officers requisitioning everything from garlic to wooden stakes.
      Hammer: You turned me down for those six months ago.

    • Doreau: So you're telling us your father's positively dead.
      Malovia: I should hope so. Last week I spread his ashes all over the 605 freeway.
      Hammer: In keeping with his last request?
      Malovia: No, I was driving too fast with the top down.

    • Doreau: Under what exact circumstances did your father pass away?
      Malovia: He was watching television and he just quietly went to sleep. And... never woke up.
      Hammer: I hope he wasn't watching Mr. Belvedere. I'd hate to think the old fella went out suffering.

    • Doreau: Vincent Lagarski. Back among the living, I see.
      Hammer: It comes as no surprise to me. I'd already suspected you were alive.
      Lagarski: When did you first suspect?
      Hammer: Well, when you said, "Unhand my daughter"...

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