Sledge Hammer!

Season 1 Episode 9

Magnum Farce

Aired Friday 9:30 PM Nov 22, 1986 on ABC
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Magnum Farce
Cops turned vigilantes are on the loose and it's up to Sledge to infiltrate their organization by pretending to share their ideas.

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  • Magnum Funny

    It had to happen sooner,or Series would parody a Dirty Harry episode parodies "Magnum paro is not only funny,but Top Favorite of mine.
  • Life imitates the artless as Hammer races to stop a string of murders of ex-cons.

    Recently released felons are being picked off by vigilantes. District attorney Evelyn Collins pops by to insist the police stop the spree. Shockingly, the trail of suspicion leads right back to the precinct house.

    The rogues soon invite Sledge to join their number. He is tapped to fulfill a bleak mission and sneaks off into the night.

    The D.A. takes an interest in Sledge that is more than professional. Hammer's attraction to Collins may hamper his ability to do justice. All he can depend on is his trusty pearl-handled revolver. And Collins' extremely poor aim.

    If confusion were a science, Hammer would take the Nobel Prize.moreless
Kathleen Bailey

Kathleen Bailey


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    • Hammer: Well, nice meeting you, Miss Collins.
      Collins: That's "Ms." Good day, Mr. Hammer.
      Hammer: That's "Mir."

    • Doreau: (tracking a suspect) Seems to frequent massage parlors.
      Hammer: Oh great. Take us years to find him. There's over a thousand of those massage parlors across the city.
      Doreau: No, I think he just goes there for a massage.
      Hammer: Well, there's only about three of those.

    • Hammer: See, there's a bunch of vigilantes out there shoot people nobody likes, and you're next on the list.
      Medwick: Why am I next?
      Hammer: Because they couldn't find Peewee Herman.

    • Trunk: Do you recognize it?
      Hammer: (bites a shell casing) That's a .38 Special, it's a police issue. I'd say 1984 vintage. An amusing year.

    • Hammer: Who let you jokers in?
      Braddock: Your landlady.
      Hammer: Why? Because you're cops?
      Jackson: No. Because we told her we're going to beat you up.
      Hammer: And she wonders why she can never get a date.

    • Braddock: The reason we're here, Inspector Hammer, is to invite you to join a clandestine group who share the singular purpose of righting wrongs through force and aggression.
      Hammer: Oh, I'm already a registered Republican.

    • Braddock: We'll ask the questions, Hammer. What do you think about reading a suspect his rights?
      Hammer: I prefer to read him his last rites, if you know what I mean.
      Jackson: What do you think about the death penalty?
      Hammer: It's too lenient. There's always the possibility of reincarnation.

    • Hammer: You behave yourself and maybe I'll show you my appendix scar.

    • Collins: I'm not interested in the ERA, I'm into the NRA.

    • Collins: My father killed that deer when I was just a little girl.
      Hammer: Oh, so he was a hunter?
      Collins: No, a bad driver.

    • Collins: Of all the officers I've recruited, there's something strangely appealing about you. I guess it's your callous disregard for human rights, your savage instinct, your chauvinism, your inability to treat women as equals.
      Hammer: Yeah, I'm quite a catch.

    • Hammer: (to his gun) Looks like you and me are the only sane ones here.

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