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  • Get Smart of the 80's

    Great Show! Its the Get Smart of the 80's. A spoof on the Dirty Harry movies and I would say The series Hunter with Fred Dryer. I discoverd this show from buying the dvds hearing it was funny and of course it is! Great for good laugh after a long day
  • Innovative yet misunderstood

    I remember finishing an episode of Perfect Strangers one night and half paying attention to what was on. Suddenly I see this guy pull a bazooka out of his trunk and blow up a building then seeing that same guy get chewed out for blowing up a building. I was hooked by that point. The show is Sledge Hammer. Sledge Hammer is a cop that makes Rambo look like Peewee Herman. He's tough and doesn't take no guff. Unfortuneately for everyone around him Hammer feels that every problem can be solved with violence which causes him to be placed on suspension constantly. Hammer is teamed with Detective Dori Doreau (a woman!)who actually believes in analysis restraint and thinking first. Despite the fact that they are totally mismatched Hammer and Doreau actually get along and even become friends. Also in the cast is Captain Trunk Hammer and Doreau's long suffering boss who would love nothing more than to see Hammer gone permanently. I loved this show because there was nothing elose like it on at the time. Other police sitcoms featured offbeat characters but they always showed some restraint. Not Hammer. To Sledge Hammer restraint is what you do to a suspect by any means necessary. The first season was well written insanity which captivated me every week. Theb problem with new concept shows is that most people (including network executives) don't always understand them. Sledge Hammer faced cancellation. The last episode of the first season saw Hammer trying to disarm a nuclear warhead. The warhead blows and the audience is left wondering if Hammer got out alive. The show did get renewed but also tinkered with. When Sledge Hammer returned for a second season a voiceover explained that the warhead exploded and now we are watching "Sledge Hammer: The Early Years". The second season was a watered down version of guys versus girls. I didn't watch too many episodes that season. The last one I watched was when Hammer's ex-wife was getting remarried. One scene showed a depressed Hammer throwing his beloved gun and pondering his lonliness. That's not Hammer! Hammer would go out and shoot some one if he was depressed not sulk. I remembr thinking "there has got to be something else on". I wasn't alone. That was the last episode.
  • Sledge Hammer! was basically a parody of the Dirty Harry films about a nihilistic cop who is forced to partner with a woman.But it was also a brillant satire on violence in our culture.The series lasted 2 seasons and something of an overlooked gem.

    Rarely has a network sit-com done really good satire the way Sledge Hammer! did it.I was suprised it lasted 2 years.The shows creator was so sure it would be cancelled that he did a cliffhanger like no other(how do you top nuclear holocaust?).But it was a brllliant treatise on violence and violent movies.It made you laugh,but it also made you think.David Rasche was perfect in the role.For a character that was very dark and cold,he made him likeable.I think the show was just hitting its stride when it wss cancelled.Its a shame,because its obvious the network didnt get it,which shows how much the network respect their viewers,the way they moved it around.I guess they couldnt figure out why build a show around a nihilistic person,but then again,most of those network probaly dont even know what "nihilistic" means!Or the fact that a sit-com would use a word like "nihilistic".And I love the series finale,where Sledge goes through a dramatic change.It deserved better,but its great to see it again on DVD.
  • Insanely funny. Who'll laugh your heart out.

    Sledge Hammer is so funny, there aren't much like it out there. It's like a spoof Dirty Harry, I can't get enough of it. When you're watching, you don't think much about the plot, since it's a spoof, you just wait for the funny stuff to come up and get a good laugh. But this show ain't all about cheesy jokes, there's are stories thrown in that gives each episode a somewhat linear direction. But Sledge's comic timing and eccentric mannerisms are enough to give you a smile before you anticipate the episodes eventual climax, which ends in a wacky finale.
  • What do you get when you cross total incompetence with a propensity toward violence? Now, give that man a badge...

    This comedy series ran for just two seasons on ABC in the 1980s. It told the story of Sledge Hammer, a dedicated but unhinged police officer who never met a life-threatening incident he didn't like. Not for him the hours of doing paperwork behind a desk. No. He'd rather be out there, sorting through the mayhem that is life in the big city, and sometimes adding to it.

    Accompanied by partner Dori Doreau and supervised by the beleagured Captain Trunk, Hammer solved cases almost in spite of himself, and left a trail of damage only slightly less severe than that by the people he went out to arrest. Hammer battled crime with his trusty pearl-handled revolver. An enemy of felons, not to mention peaceful people as well, the man was mad, bad, and dangerous to know.

    The writing was always hysterical and the acting fitted to the manic characters. This show is a lost classic. Fortunately for the public, it's now out for home release. Just as funny as it was twenty years ago.
  • Dirty Harry On Steroids

    This show was funny as hell, it was way over the top with extreme comical violence and cheesy(but funny)parody one liners. It was the perefect parody of the Dirty Harry films with Sledge using a Bazooka to hunt down a suspect. The show lost track when it tried to tell a story, it was best when he was destroying the town trying to chase down a jaywalker or someone that spit on the sidewalk. He carried his .44 magnum but it was only one of a million ways he would intimidate punks and creeps. The only way they could have made this better was to make his sidekick a Bronson parody. Great Stuff!
  • A true classic.

    One that was WAYYYY underappreciated at the time (thank you Cosby Show... grrrrrr) and stands up to the test of time. You never really saw a show like this before, and we really have not seen one like it since.

    THANK YOU, CREATOR/WRITER ALAN SPENCER for doing such a simply INCREDIBLE JOB on the DVD release. It's by far the best put together telelvision release on the format so far, and probably will remain so for years to come.

    "Trust me. I know what I'm reviewing."
  • I was little when this show was out, but it was hilarious

    If I remember right, it was kind of stupid humor, which is right up my alley. It had action and comedy, what more could you want from a show. I would still watch it if some channel, like TV Land or one of those other channels that show older shows started showing re-runs of it. I was probably only around 7 or 8 when this show was on but I do remember that it was funny, and was one of those shows that I wanted to watch every week. I need 10 more words because there is a 100 word minimum. now I'm at 105.
  • Trust me, I know what I'm reveiwing.

    Sledge Hammer is just something you have to see to fully understand. Watching this show again on DVD reminds me why I liked it before. It's The 80s. Not just a Dirty Harry parody, but a complete satyr of the 80s. And trust me, grow up in the 80s there was a lot to make fun of.
    Many may call this just a stupid show. But the power is in the cult following. Even when I picked up the first season the clerk smiled and said "I remember this show." Heck, even just saying the name to most people seems to get some kind of reaction.
    That is amazing for a two season show. And less we forget it is a show that blew up New York in it's first season kill all the characters because they thought they would never get renewed, then had to cover it up in the surprise second season. Brillent?
  • The best sitcom of the late 1980s!

    This show was amazing! It really deserved to run far, far longer than just 2 seasons. Sledge Hammer was ground-breaking -- never had their been such an over-the-top comedy ever attempted on network TV. With good reason, too. The producer constantly battled with censors over just about every episode. But the results were truly worth it, as Spencer's creation is probably one of the most original TV series ever created!
  • Trust me, I know what I'm doing....

    Sledge Hammer! was pretty much a spoof of American cop shows and movies like Dirty Harry. It was wickedly satirical much like South Park, and never ceased to make me laugh. The title character slept with his .44 magnum under his pillow. The first season ended with the bumbling detective setting off a nuclear bomb in Los Angeles - seemingly the end of the show. But it still came back for a second season.
  • Sledge Hammer was simply the best police sitcom that ever existed. It was funny and David Rasche, Ann-Marie Martin and Harrison Page made it look easy.

    Sledge Hammer was Great! Superb! Amazing! Fantastic! Sledge Hammer died a premature death and this was mainly because the series was competing against Miami Vice, Dallas and Cosby. I truly feel that Sledge Hammer would have run another 8 seasons had it not been for such stiff competition.

    Sledge Hammer was brilliantly written and directed by none other than the comic genius Alan Spencer who was one of the youngest directors ever that joined the Director's Guild. The shows Executive Producer was William D'Angelo.

    I have enjoyed the show so much I made a tribute site for it!

    If you haven't seen the show you really need to get both season one and two of this great comedy.

    You'll laugh your socks off!

    Long Live Sledge Hammer!

  • This would definitly be one of the most underrated shows ever made

    Has this show disappeared!

    I loved this show it was really funny. A more modern Get Smart except Sledge was more trigger friendly.

    This show would do really well on TV1. The only reason the show is underated is because it never plays in good time slots. If it did it would be up there with other classics from the same era like Married with children and cheers.