Sledge Hammer!

ABC (ended 1988)





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  • Trust me, I know what I'm reveiwing.

    Sledge Hammer is just something you have to see to fully understand. Watching this show again on DVD reminds me why I liked it before. It's The 80s. Not just a Dirty Harry parody, but a complete satyr of the 80s. And trust me, grow up in the 80s there was a lot to make fun of.
    Many may call this just a stupid show. But the power is in the cult following. Even when I picked up the first season the clerk smiled and said "I remember this show." Heck, even just saying the name to most people seems to get some kind of reaction.
    That is amazing for a two season show. And less we forget it is a show that blew up New York in it's first season kill all the characters because they thought they would never get renewed, then had to cover it up in the surprise second season. Brillent?