Sledge Hammer!

ABC (ended 1988)





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  • What do you get when you cross total incompetence with a propensity toward violence? Now, give that man a badge...

    This comedy series ran for just two seasons on ABC in the 1980s. It told the story of Sledge Hammer, a dedicated but unhinged police officer who never met a life-threatening incident he didn't like. Not for him the hours of doing paperwork behind a desk. No. He'd rather be out there, sorting through the mayhem that is life in the big city, and sometimes adding to it.

    Accompanied by partner Dori Doreau and supervised by the beleagured Captain Trunk, Hammer solved cases almost in spite of himself, and left a trail of damage only slightly less severe than that by the people he went out to arrest. Hammer battled crime with his trusty pearl-handled revolver. An enemy of felons, not to mention peaceful people as well, the man was mad, bad, and dangerous to know.

    The writing was always hysterical and the acting fitted to the manic characters. This show is a lost classic. Fortunately for the public, it's now out for home release. Just as funny as it was twenty years ago.