Sledge Hammer!

ABC (ended 1988)





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  • Sledge Hammer! was basically a parody of the Dirty Harry films about a nihilistic cop who is forced to partner with a woman.But it was also a brillant satire on violence in our culture.The series lasted 2 seasons and something of an overlooked gem.

    Rarely has a network sit-com done really good satire the way Sledge Hammer! did it.I was suprised it lasted 2 years.The shows creator was so sure it would be cancelled that he did a cliffhanger like no other(how do you top nuclear holocaust?).But it was a brllliant treatise on violence and violent movies.It made you laugh,but it also made you think.David Rasche was perfect in the role.For a character that was very dark and cold,he made him likeable.I think the show was just hitting its stride when it wss cancelled.Its a shame,because its obvious the network didnt get it,which shows how much the network respect their viewers,the way they moved it around.I guess they couldnt figure out why build a show around a nihilistic person,but then again,most of those network probaly dont even know what "nihilistic" means!Or the fact that a sit-com would use a word like "nihilistic".And I love the series finale,where Sledge goes through a dramatic change.It deserved better,but its great to see it again on DVD.