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ABC (ended 1988)





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  • Innovative yet misunderstood

    I remember finishing an episode of Perfect Strangers one night and half paying attention to what was on. Suddenly I see this guy pull a bazooka out of his trunk and blow up a building then seeing that same guy get chewed out for blowing up a building. I was hooked by that point. The show is Sledge Hammer. Sledge Hammer is a cop that makes Rambo look like Peewee Herman. He's tough and doesn't take no guff. Unfortuneately for everyone around him Hammer feels that every problem can be solved with violence which causes him to be placed on suspension constantly. Hammer is teamed with Detective Dori Doreau (a woman!)who actually believes in analysis restraint and thinking first. Despite the fact that they are totally mismatched Hammer and Doreau actually get along and even become friends. Also in the cast is Captain Trunk Hammer and Doreau's long suffering boss who would love nothing more than to see Hammer gone permanently. I loved this show because there was nothing elose like it on at the time. Other police sitcoms featured offbeat characters but they always showed some restraint. Not Hammer. To Sledge Hammer restraint is what you do to a suspect by any means necessary. The first season was well written insanity which captivated me every week. Theb problem with new concept shows is that most people (including network executives) don't always understand them. Sledge Hammer faced cancellation. The last episode of the first season saw Hammer trying to disarm a nuclear warhead. The warhead blows and the audience is left wondering if Hammer got out alive. The show did get renewed but also tinkered with. When Sledge Hammer returned for a second season a voiceover explained that the warhead exploded and now we are watching "Sledge Hammer: The Early Years". The second season was a watered down version of guys versus girls. I didn't watch too many episodes that season. The last one I watched was when Hammer's ex-wife was getting remarried. One scene showed a depressed Hammer throwing his beloved gun and pondering his lonliness. That's not Hammer! Hammer would go out and shoot some one if he was depressed not sulk. I remembr thinking "there has got to be something else on". I wasn't alone. That was the last episode.