Sledge Hammer!

Season 1 Episode 13

The Old Man and the Sledge

Aired Friday 9:30 PM Jan 03, 1987 on ABC



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    • Doreau: Hammer, there's a report of gunfire in an apartment building a couple of blocks from here.
      Hammer: Who needs coffee? That'll get me revved up!

    • Hammer: So tell me, didn't you used to get your suspects to confess by tying them to the back of a Model A and dragging them around the police department lot?
      Yates: Yeah, I did that.
      Hammer: And once, didn't you stop a train robbery by just blowing up the whole train?
      Yates: Oh, I did that a couple of times.
      Hammer: I respect you so much. I've blown things up too. You ever got put on suspension?
      Yates: I created suspension.
      Hammer: I'm always on suspension. You ever talk to your gun?
      Yates: What do you, think I'm some kind of freak?

    • Yates: You know, they say I can't remember.
      Doreau: How old are you
      Yates: I can't remember.

    • Trunk: You know, Mr. Yates, you served under my grandfather.
      Yates: Who's that?
      Trunk: Clavell Trunk.
      Yates: Clavell?
      Trunk: Yeah. Had to live with that name all of his life.
      Yates: Yeah. Yeah, I remember him. He was a good cop. Used to yell a lot.
      Hammer: Must be hereditary.

    • Yates: Security guard? That job's a graveyard for old cops.
      Hammer: Well, it pays eight bucks an hour.
      Yates: I just died.

    • Hammer: Damn! They never have my favorite song on that jukebox.
      Doreau: What's that?
      Hammer: Taps.

    • Doreau: You know, Hammer, looking out for Mr. Yates really showed me that you're not all hostility and vengeance. Mostly. But not all.

    • Hammer: That was reckless, it was careless, it was totally irresponsible. And I loved it.

    • Hammer: Oh man am I tired. I stayed up all night watching a comedy on the late movie.
      Doreau: Oh yeah? What was it?
      Hammer: The Deer Hunter.

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