Sledge Hammer!

Season 2 Episode 13

They Call Me Mr. Trunk

Aired Friday 9:30 PM Dec 17, 1987 on ABC

Episode Recap

Colonel Michael Poltz reports to his superiors that foreign agent Richard Sirod broke into a military lab and attempted to steal virus BX576. He failed, but was contaminated before escaping. Now he poses a risk to any civilians he comes in contact with. Poltz explains that the four symptoms of the disease are hallucinations, disorientation, lethargy, and finally death. He orders his men to find Sirod and keep the news from the public.

A stressed-out Trunk calls in Hammer and Doreau to inform them that the military have asked them to locate Sirod, but to avoid touching him under any circumstances. They go to a bar that night and commiserate, and the bartender asks Hammer to help deal with an unconscious drunk. Hammer realizes that the "drunk" is Sinod, and picks him up and hauls him to the station despite Hammer's order. Trunk is furious that Hammer disobeyed orders yet again, and calls the military while they take Sinod down to a holding cell.

In the cells, a pair of sex partners dressed up as a doctor and nurse are locked up. The doctor offers to examine Sirod, and informs them that the man is dead. Doreau reports to Trunk, who begins to stress out even more. Poltz arrives with his men, all dressed in quarantine suits, and seal the station. The colonel claims that it's routine procedure and they have nothing to worry about. Trunk doesn't believe it and demands answers.

The disease spreads throughout the station and the staff and prisoners begin to hallucinate. Malfoy finds himself in the arms of a beautiful woman in a ballerina, Daley dances as a ballerina, and Doreau believes she's Jane in a Tarzan & Jane fantasy. Hammer initially appears unaffected, until Trunk realizes that he thinks his gun is talking to him. Trunk calls out to Poltz in his command van, and the colonel says that things will soon be over. Until then, his men have orders to shoot anyone who tries to escape. After Trunk hangs up, Poltz informs his men that al of the infected victims will be dead within hours.

Disorientation and then lethargy sets in among the victims, and Trunk appears unaffected. On the TV news, there are reports of a release of nerve gas, and there's no known antidote. Trunk tries to rouse everyone without success, and Doreau points out that he's unaffected. The captain takes the fake doctor down to the lab to check him out and find a cure.

As everyone dies, Malfoy wants to make love to Daley, but she complains that she has a headache. Two prostitutes wonder if there'll be men in Heaven. And Doreau forgives Hammer for getting them all killed, and says she loves him like a brother. Touched, Hammer says Doreau is the best partner he's ever had, and he'll miss her almost as much as he'll miss himself.

In the lab, the dying doctor explains that Trunk is immune to the virus because he has high blood pressure. Running upstairs, Trunk tries to get everyone mad at him. At first no one responds, but he finally gets Hammer mad by calling him a girl, and Doreau by saying she's stupid. Once Hammer is cured, Trunk tells him to make everyone mad, and Hammer eagerly goes to work. Everyone is cured as a riot starts.

Later, Poltz visits Trunk and informs him that he'll get a Medal of Honor and a visit with the President. Unimpressed, Trunk draws his gun, fires a shot into the ceiling, and orders Poltz out, impressing even Hammer with his anger.