Sledge Hammer!

Season 1 Episode 11

To Live and Die on TV

Aired Friday 9:30 PM Dec 13, 1986 on ABC
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Episode Summary

A game show winner dies suspiciously and Hammer and Doreau suspect the program's host.

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    Ken Lerner

    Ken Lerner

    Dave Pinski

    Guest Star

    Toni Attell

    Toni Attell

    Officer Grace

    Guest Star

    Arlene Banas

    Arlene Banas

    Mrs. Jordan

    Guest Star

    Kurt Paul

    Kurt Paul

    Coroner Norman Blates

    Recurring Role

    Leslie Morris

    Leslie Morris

    Officer Mayjoy

    Recurring Role

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      • Trunk: Hammer. There's been an automobile accident. I want you and Doreau to investigate.
        Hammer: An automobile accident. Well call the auto club.
        Trunk: An unlicensed vehicle went off the pier into the West River, Hammer.
        Hammer: Well then call the auto club and Flipper.
        Trunk: There is a dead body in the vehicle, Hammer.
        Hammer: Why do you always save the best for last?

      • Hammer: You know, I never heard of a drunken driver who drowned in the drink and never drank.
        Doreau: Hard to believe.
        Hammer: Also hard to say.

      • Kenny: You know, Inspector, in this business we call a show, contestants come and go, but Mel just wasn't a first name on a cheap tag. No, he had a last name too. What the hell was it?

      • Hammer: There's something about that guy I don't trust.
        Doreau: What is that?
        Hammer: He's a game show host!

      • Doreau: Oh, Hammer, you're so paranoid. Every death isn't a murder.
        Hammer: Hey, I'm an optimist.

      • Coroner Norman Blates:: Coroner's office.
        Hammer: Norman, hi, this is Sledge Hammer.
        Coroner Norman Blates:: Oh, hi, Sledge Hammer. A bunch of bodies came in, but there's no jackets or shoes your size.

      • Kenny: Look, uh, Inspector, you're not just the type for television.
        Hammer: Well what do you mean? Me and my gun are billed as regulars on the local news.

      • Pinski: Can I get you some fresh coffee?
        Kenny: No. Your coffee-making days are over. Make me a coffee cake.

      • Kenny: Go to heck, cop.
        Hammer: "Go to heck"?
        Kenny: You can't say "Hell" on television.

      • Hammer: The only game show on TV I like is Divorce Court, because they give away the best prize.

      • Doreau: Have you ever played Trivial Pursuit? That takes brains.
        Hammer: Doreau, I am in pursuit of one thing, and that is justice. And that takes bullets.

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