Sledge Hammer!

Season 1 Episode 6

To Sledge, with Love

Aired Friday 9:30 PM Oct 31, 1986 on ABC
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Episode Summary

Sledge takes on the job of substitute teacher at a tough high school to break a ring of car thieves.

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    Paul Keith

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    Stuart Fratkin

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    Leslie Morris

    Leslie Morris

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      • Hammer: No one is against the law. Personally, the only kind of smoking I approve of comes from the barrel of a gun.

      • Trunk: Hammer, I'm talking about Lloyd H. Langrem Memorial High School.
        Doreau: Oh, I've heard of Langrem High. When did it become Memorial?
        Trunk: About ten minutes ago.

      • Doreau: Haven't they tried any alternatives? What about that Straighten Out program where convicts warn youths about prison life?
        Trunk: They brought prisoners in to speak at the school last month. The kids aided them in making an escape.

      • Trunk: Now these animals are violent, destructive, they have no respect for authority.
        Hammer: Don't worry, Captain, I won't be suckered in by their virtues.

      • Hammer: It's time you students got a little education. Now, I may not read a criminal his rights but at least i know how to read.
        8 Track: Yeah, what's your favorite book?
        Hammer: War and Peace. The first half.

      • 8 Track: Hey where's our regular teacher?
        Hammer: He took an easier assignment. As a janitor at Chernobyl.

      • Hammer: Now that's the way you threaten someone, with good grammar.

      • Hammer: Hopeless? Yeah. Well, I knew another kid who was hopeless. He made it tough on everybody in school, he was a bully, so busy proving how tough he was he didn't care what he did to anyone. He ran the school ground, he disrupted the classrooms...
        Doreau: And I suppose you took care of him?
        Hammer: No. You see, that bully was me. But I learned a lesson. If someone gives these kids the proper guidance, they can do wrong for the right reasons!

      • Hammer: Look, let's just get right down to it. Now I got you guys pegged. You like shoving people around? You like driving crazy? Well why not get paid for it? Consider a career in law enforcement.

      • Turk: Aren't you afraid of dying?
        Hammer: I don't know. I've never tried it before.

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