Sledge Hammer!

Season 1 Episode 3


Aired Friday 9:30 PM Oct 03, 1986 on ABC



  • Trivia

    • At the newsstand, Hammer calls the vendor Fred when he gets his paper, but Frankie when he walks away.

  • Quotes

    • Sousa: I want this Sledge Hammer for the rest of his life to be dead!

    • Hammer: Wow. Morning edition is a little thick today, isn't it, Fred?
      Fred: That's because they've gone and made 62 new horoscope signs.

    • Trunk: I understand you're a marked man. Word on the street is there's already been an attempt on your life.
      Hammer: Ooh, color me frightened. Did they succeed?

    • Trunk: I'm send you out of town until this all blows over.
      Hammer: Why, Captain, I'm touched. I had no idea you were so unconcerned about my personal safety.
      Trunk: I don't. I'm concerned about my personal safety!

    • Jacob: I be Jacob, and this be my daughter, Isadora.
      Hammer: Well, I'm Inspector Hammer and this be my gun.

    • Doreau: Sledge, where in the world are you? Captain Trunk thought the worst happened to you.
      Hammer: Why'd he think the worst?
      Doreau: He said, uh, "optimism."

    • Isadora: I've never been with a man before. In that way.
      Hammer: Neither have I.

    • Hammer: I thought violence was against your way of life.
      Jacob: Hey. This is the '80s.

    • Isadora: Where is it you goeth?
      Hammer: I have to make a special delivery. COD. DOA.
      Jacob: A-Okay.
      Hammer: Don't confuse me.

    • Isadora: Will I ever see you again?
      Hammer: Only if you make the Ten Most Wanted List. Kind of unlikely.

    • Jacob: Go with God, Sledge Hammer.
      Hammer: Obey the penal codes.

  • Notes

    • Al Ruscio is listed as Special Guest Star.

    • Series creator Alan Spencer makes a cameo appearance in this episode: watch for the chubby guy with curly hair walking past Hammer when he makes his surprise entrance to the police station.

  • Allusions

    • The title "Witless" is a reference to the Harrison Ford movie Witness, which also concerned a "fish out of water" policeman visiting the Amish.

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