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Sleeper Cell

Showtime (ended 2006)



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Sleeper Cell

Show Summary

Showtime’s new drama unveils the war on terrorism to reveal a riveting and unfiltered view. ‘Sleeper Cell’ stars Michael Ealy as an African-American undercover F.B.I. agent who is seduced into joining an Islamic sleeper terrorist cell in the United States by the cell’s ruthless leader played by Oded Fehr.

Showtime has a unique viewing schedule planned for ‘Sleeper Cell’ designed to offer viewer flexibility and enrich the viewing experience by offering programming blocks.

The first 8 episodes will air Sunday – Wednesday in the 10:00PM – 11:00 PM time slot. Encore airings of the same episode will repeat Sunday – Wednesday at 11:00PM – 12:00AM. Thursday and Friday from 8:00PM – 10:00PM encore telecasts will air in two-hour, back-to-back blocks. Saturday, December 10 and Saturday December 17 a four-part ‘Sleeper Cell Mini-Marathon’ will air. The season finale is set to air in a two-hour event on Sunday December 18 from 8:00PM – 10:00PM with an encore telecast immediately following.moreless


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    This one owes a lot more to the underrated Sleeper Cell than to the quirky, female-centered shows that have been the cable network's mainstay in recent years.


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    • Bringing back Sleeper Cell

      The series was great and intense when I first saw it in 2005. It was even better and felt more relevant watching it in now in 2015. It shows us there may be some goodness to the religion. I would like to see the show come back with more questions and answers about the Muslims and their hatred for America. Is the government & religion One & the same? Should America stop them from coming here and taking advantage of our open door attitude. The multitudes of Americans don't watch the News but they will watch & learn from your show. The show is a 10.0 plusmoreless
    • My only problem with this show was Darwyn's whiney attitude all the time

      And when he's not acting like an emotional wreck, he's too serious...
    • The Ultimate Movie Review! -- @tss5078

      It is a common misconception that Sleeper Cell was cables first failed attempt to recreate the hit show 24, in a more extreme format, and that Sleeper Cell was the precursor to the smash hit Homeland. In reality, Sleeper Cell was a highly rated mini-series that was picked up for another year. The show was actually the inspiration for Homeland, as if one were to take Sleeper Cell and mix it with 24, the result would be Homeland.

      The story follows Darwyn Al-Sayeed (Michale Ealy), the FBI's best undercover agent, who also happens to be a Muslim, making him the perfect choice to infiltrate the domestic side of Al-Queda. Darwyn poses as a recently paroled Islamic militant, who wants to strike a blow against the country that imprisoned him.

      Through his prison contacts, Darwyn is connected to a mysterious man named Farik (Oded Fehr), who even the FBI can't identify. Through a series of tests, Farik introduces Darwyn to the rest of his cell and together they start to plan an attack on Los Angeles.

      Michael Ealy stars and played the role of Darwyn as if it were specifically written for him. Ealy is the kind of actor who is easily recognized from dozens of minor movie roles, but I've never seen him star before. The character he's playing, Darwyn, is basically Jack Bauer with a lot more self-control. He's cool and collected, but ready to take action at a moments notice, making for a great character.

      Ealy is paired with Oded Fehr, of the Mummy series, and he too was terrific. Obviously you need an actor with a Middle Eastern background to play this role, but Farik isn't you're typical Al-Queda, as he is able to easily fit into the suburban community. Farik is a ruthless killer, but also has a peaceful, caring side, that really comes across in the episode where they go to Mexico.

      Sleeper Cell has all the action and edge of your seat drama that 24 had, and more, because let's face it, This was a cable show. Thanks to a top notch cast, some well known Directors, and a great team of Writers, Sleeper Cell was a sleeper hit on Showtime, that was easily overlooked, because it was only on for a short time. Besides only having 18 episodes, Showtime originally presented the show in a very strange way, airing all the episodes on back to back nights. This means that combined, both seasons were on the air for less than a month, and in a time before on demand had gotten popular. That is why this series was so overlooked, but thanks to Netflix, Me and thousands of others have been exposed to this hidden gem, that is worth every second that you put into to watching it.moreless
    • We need more

      My husband and I are very disapointed that there is not a season 3. We are waiting for the next season.
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