Sleeper Cell

Season 2 Episode 1


Aired Sunday 10:00 PM Dec 10, 2006 on Showtime

Episode Recap

Darwyn is trying to start a new life with his family but ends up back in another LA sleeper cell.

Darwyn is enjoying a vacation when he's asked by his old handler to check out Benito Valesquez, one of the guys from his old prison gang who might be involved in a new cell. Darwyn meets him but the guy seems clean. That night Darwyn is kidnapped by a group of masked men who demand to know if he was the 5th member of the LA cell (from season one). He finds out that Benito is involved in a call, and so Darwyn is drawn back in.

The leader of the new cell figures out that Darwyn is undercover, but Darwyn kills him and they tell the public, and the other members of the cell, that it was just a carjacking. With their leader gone the cell seems lost, but Darwyn has them take a vow to keep fighting.

Throughout the episode Farik is interrogated and appears to befriend an observer. Of course the observer is part of the interrogation and Farik attacks him near the end of the episode. Farik will not break and refuses to give up any useful information.

In the meantime, his handler gets kidnapped while on an FBI mission in the Sudan and the episode ends with her being beheaded by a group of terrorists who make various demands.