Sleeper Cell

Season 2 Episode 1


Aired Sunday 10:00 PM Dec 10, 2006 on Showtime

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  • A good start to the season.

    In this episode Darwyn gets sucked back into a terrorist plot dispite his best efforts to start a family and stay out of it. The episode was really well paced and I loved the subplot with Fariq being interrogated, though him being too smart for it was a bit predictable. I loved the kidnapping angle and thought it was done extremely well and totally didnt see her getting beheaded. I figured they would try and randsom her, but the fact that the show went with a more original angle is a great sign. Though not a great episode, it was a good start.
  • Great season premiere

    I just love this show- I was delighted when the annoucement of a second season was on the rise. This episode is about darwin looking into a possible second sleepe cell. He investigates a gang member that was locked up and then converted and studied with the librarian. Darwin controntes this man and comes to the conclusion that he is a fraud. Not only to find out when darwin is kidnapped by a bunch of people and asked about his former relations as a holy warrior. Darwin then sees that this is the beggining of a "backround check" and that the so called sleeper cell in progress does exist. Two people die in this episode leaving us "the viewers" with nail biting suspense and a awesome ending.
  • Didn't know how they would pull it off but they definitly did a good job.

    After the end of last season, i didnt believe they would be able to do a second season of this show. The scenes in the prison and the subsiquent ending of the episode was gripping right up till the fade to black. I like how they used the "Unidentified 5th" as explaining how darwin could re-enter the terrorist cell. The show does seem to have lost its 'gritty' feel of the beginning of last season but still was a very engaging episode. I cannot wait to see the rest of the season to see how they progress from here. .
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