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Creators say end of S.2 would make a great series finale - I disagree

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    **SPOILERS** (obviously)

    I just got finished watching the last disk of Season 2, and when watching the interview with the creators, I have to say that their main statement made little sense. You know, where they said (and I'm paraphrasing here), "If we get picked up for a 3rd season we've left enough open plots to carry on the show. However, if the episode [last ep. of S.2] winds up being the last one, I think it's a great way of ending the show."

    Does anybody besides me think that's TOTALLY contradictory? Either the show came to a satisfactory conclusion, or it didn't. Personally, the only way i could see this show claiming to have come to a "satisfactory conclusion" is if the creators are trying to say, "Hey, terrorists will ALWAYS win. Even if you had an agent like Darwyn, who was black, muslim, and could slip right into (and eventually lead) the biggest terrorist cell in America, it won't matter. Somebody will always make it through to do their mission [ie - the Dutch woman at the "military" party], and there will always be people around to protect the head of the main terrorist network in the Arab world. [Farik, who, I believe, is supposed to represent Bin laden] So until the western world 'bows down' to the muslim extremists, America will keep having 9/11 - type attacks.".

    Anybody have an opinion?

    BTW, what was that 90 min piece of crap "Farik's Story" on the 3rd disc of Season 2? Why would ANYBODY, especially those who bought and probably JUST FINISHED WATCHING S.2 of Sleeper Cell, be interested in someone splicing together all of the times Farik is on the screen? Other than having something to put on the DVD box (ie - Extras Include: "Farik's Story" - See how Farik survived captivity and returned to his homeland...), that is.


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