Sleeper Cell

Season 2 Episode 8


Aired Sunday 10:00 PM Dec 17, 2006 on Showtime
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Darwyn ends up blaming himself for the tragedies that just happened to him and decides it is time to confront Farik, by using the leader's wife as bait.

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  • Good start, suspence... then MAJOR, MAJOR let-down!!!

    First of all I am a fan of this programme. So I was delighted to see a second series. As with the previous episodes, this one started in the same vein, great writing and acting. All was good till the last five minutes. Then it came... the ending. What on earth were the writers thinking about when they wrote the ending to the whole second series? It was a terrible, terrible ending. Reading other comments on other forums, the majority of posters say the same. I know they wanted to leave it possibly open for a third season (its so obvious, its an insult to our intelligence or lack of it as the writers were obviously thinking) but there were much better ways to have done it. I have seen some bad, bad endings on programmes and films, and the ending on this series ranks in the top three of all time bad ones.

    On a scale of one to ten, on the ending alone, I would rate it just one point. And that one point is given because of all the genuine hard work by the actors done alone over the entire series - they alone, deserved better resolution to their series characters! I would like to see another series, but sack the writer that came up with the ending of this series. Terrible, terrible, terrible...moreless
  • And it all comes to a close, as the only three major characters left alive (I don't really count Russel as major) meet in Yemen, to see how it all resolves.moreless

    As a series finale, I was pretty pleased with the episode. In many ways, I feel that this one episode is kinda outside of the second season, and rather a resolution to the show. All loose ends seemed to be handled pretty well, although not positively well. The only problem I had was with Ilija who after Darwin's powerful words, seem to doubt what he is following, and I would like to believe that he would turn back home. The final scene gives us that resolution that we wanted, guarenteeing that there can't be a third season, nor should there be. This is one of the all time great shows, and while it wasn't an exciting episode, and abeit unrealistic, it did its job, and did not diminish the final episode.moreless
  • Darwyn travels to Yemen with Farik's wife in order to set him up for a trap. Darwyn's mission has mixed results and ends with him badly injured and all alone. Is this the end?moreless

    A very good episode. I really hope that there will be a third season of the show, although at this point I am not sure how Darwyn could possibly inflitrate another cell without the show getting a little ridiculous. Because of that I am not sure if they will be able to have another season, but I would really like to see what happened to Ilija and to have some resolution with the Darwyn / Farik feud. I thought that this episode told a very good story and that it was very interesting to see how Darwyn handled Gayle's death.moreless
  • Exciting - But without a clear ending...

    ... And that's too bad, because the series needed an ending to be closed and classified as great ( the 1st season is the best series i've seen in a long time ). So Darwin is coming for revenge, to take out Farik (BTW, the casting is somewhat ironic since Farik is played by an Israeli actor - Oded Fahr), and gets his deed done, when all seems to fail.

    But the last 5 minutes are over the top - a western-like shootout, a fight, one survivor and one question mark covered by $$$ - I think they left it open to cash in on it again, and that sucked, because one (or both) should have died.

    The acting, like all along the series, is great by all actors, and i think Mr. Ealy and Mr. Fahr are the best actors in this series.moreless
  • Darwin blames himself for the traggic death of his girlfriend and seeks revenge on Farik.

    Well first of all, I think that this is a good show with fine actors. I was not pleased however with the finale. First of all, Darwin's girlfriend put herself in the position of getting killed cause she was spying on Darwin for the field supervisor in order to get full custody of her child. She knew it was dangerous and chose the mission anyway. Micheal Ealy is a great actor and I would of love to see more of him in another season. I wasn't so sure that he died in this epi so maybe there's a chance for more of him in the future. Farik (the actor) also incredible, very good casting! The week was really intense and I would've like a bigger ending, it was a little of a let down considering the show's history. Still one of the better shows on tv and some of the best acting.moreless

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