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  • Bringing back Sleeper Cell

    The series was great and intense when I first saw it in 2005. It was even better and felt more relevant watching it in now in 2015. It shows us there may be some goodness to the religion. I would like to see the show come back with more questions and answers about the Muslims and their hatred for America. Is the government & religion One & the same? Should America stop them from coming here and taking advantage of our open door attitude. The multitudes of Americans don't watch the News but they will watch & learn from your show. The show is a 10.0 plus
  • My only problem with this show was Darwyn's whiney attitude all the time

    And when he's not acting like an emotional wreck, he's too serious...
  • The Ultimate Movie Review! -- @tss5078

    It is a common misconception that Sleeper Cell was cables first failed attempt to recreate the hit show 24, in a more extreme format, and that Sleeper Cell was the precursor to the smash hit Homeland. In reality, Sleeper Cell was a highly rated mini-series that was picked up for another year. The show was actually the inspiration for Homeland, as if one were to take Sleeper Cell and mix it with 24, the result would be Homeland.

    The story follows Darwyn Al-Sayeed (Michale Ealy), the FBI's best undercover agent, who also happens to be a Muslim, making him the perfect choice to infiltrate the domestic side of Al-Queda. Darwyn poses as a recently paroled Islamic militant, who wants to strike a blow against the country that imprisoned him.

    Through his prison contacts, Darwyn is connected to a mysterious man named Farik (Oded Fehr), who even the FBI can't identify. Through a series of tests, Farik introduces Darwyn to the rest of his cell and together they start to plan an attack on Los Angeles.

    Michael Ealy stars and played the role of Darwyn as if it were specifically written for him. Ealy is the kind of actor who is easily recognized from dozens of minor movie roles, but I've never seen him star before. The character he's playing, Darwyn, is basically Jack Bauer with a lot more self-control. He's cool and collected, but ready to take action at a moments notice, making for a great character.

    Ealy is paired with Oded Fehr, of the Mummy series, and he too was terrific. Obviously you need an actor with a Middle Eastern background to play this role, but Farik isn't you're typical Al-Queda, as he is able to easily fit into the suburban community. Farik is a ruthless killer, but also has a peaceful, caring side, that really comes across in the episode where they go to Mexico.

    Sleeper Cell has all the action and edge of your seat drama that 24 had, and more, because let's face it, This was a cable show. Thanks to a top notch cast, some well known Directors, and a great team of Writers, Sleeper Cell was a sleeper hit on Showtime, that was easily overlooked, because it was only on for a short time. Besides only having 18 episodes, Showtime originally presented the show in a very strange way, airing all the episodes on back to back nights. This means that combined, both seasons were on the air for less than a month, and in a time before on demand had gotten popular. That is why this series was so overlooked, but thanks to Netflix, Me and thousands of others have been exposed to this hidden gem, that is worth every second that you put into to watching it.
  • We need more

    My husband and I are very disapointed that there is not a season 3. We are waiting for the next season.
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  • not an important cop mseries like csi

    Terrorists are a lecturing, nagging, smarty-pants bunch on the Showtime miniseries Sleeper Cell, back for a second installment airing eight straight nights beginning Dec. 10. The drama — about a tiny group of extremists plotting jihad in America — never misses a ''teaching moment.'' The Dutch ex-prostitute (Thekla Reuten) speechifies about slavery to Western ideals; the U.K.-bred Iraqi (Over There's Omid Abtahi) rails against racism in England; captured cell leader Farik (The Mummy's Oded Fehr) opines on American guilt before having something very uncomfortable inserted in his urethra. The goal is to make these killers human and therefore more frightening; the outcome is that they seem human and frighteningly long-winded.

    The series again has undercover agent Darwyn Al-Sayeed (Michael Ealy) infiltrate a terrorist cell of incredibly broad demographics. He must foil an attack while meeting regularly with his bumbling new FBI boss (Jay R. Ferguson) in a strip-club booth. (Have your little covert op, boys, but be sexy about it!) A series exploring terrorism should feel incredibly entwined — every action triggers something else. Cell introduces, abuses, and kills off characters, but rarely are the ripples felt — the most nettlesome conundrum involves the custody battle of Darwyn's girlfriend, Gayle. Cell dutifully addresses torture, border control, religious extremism, and cultural differences in karaoke. But it hardly enlightens, and it never feels urgent. It feels like a decent cop drama pretending to be something more important.
  • Superficial with Hidden Agendas

    There is nothing wrong with this ten-hour mini-series that couldn't have been fixed with about seven hours of heavy editting.

    One of the first rules of story-telling is that you need to get the listener/viewer to become interested in the characters, to establish some sort of rapport or feeling of empathy. I felt little or nothing for any of them. I couldn't even get any interest vested in the supposedly sympathetic character of Darwyn, a man caught between his religion and his job. He was just, plain uninteresting to me.

    Then there were the sub-stories that served no purpose but to consume time...I'm thinking primarily of the affair between Darwyn and the woman with the little boy. There was nothing key to her involvement in the story, why was she there? And did we really need to have the tedious episodes with the Blond guy's mother showing up or the Frenchman whining to his wife after his trysts? These two were just completely dislikable characters, both of whom were two-dimensional and no amount of sub-text was going to make me feel sympathetic to them. I really wanted to shake them, smack them across the chops, tell them to get over it, for cryin' out loud!

    While we're on the topic of sub-text, I have to say that I don't like being preached to when I'm paying for entertainment. By that, I'm referring to Showtime's hidden, maybe not so hidden, agenda of portraying 'true' Islam as a religion of peace, handling scenes in the mosque and of prayers with the greatest of dignity while portraying everyone else as, at best, clueless and, at worst, dolts. Were the scenes with the enthusiastic Christian kid handing out pamphlets and his subsequent beating really necessary? Did we really need them to establish the fact that blondboy and the French connection were despicable? No, we did not. That fact was more than sufficiently supported already. The scenes were there to support some writer's notion that Christians are idiots while supporting the notion that these terrorists were somehow noble. Let's not even talk about the lead character's last name, Darwyn (Darwin)...please, you writers are certainly entitled to your opinion, but just entertain me...don't try to indoctrinate me.

    This would have made a fairly good action movie if they'd dropped all the substories and kept just the last two hours, worked in some of the ponderous backstory that was the first episode with a smattering of the college student angle. As it stands, however, I'm not racing to add this one to my Netflix queue, and I'm dropping my subscription to Showtime.

  • Blistering thriller about an FBI agent infiltrating an American-based Al Qaeda terror cell

    This is really superb stuff - gripping, intelligent and absolutely stunning in terms of its look at an undoubtedly controversial subject matter. The show was brought to people\'s attention in the UK due to the fact that the London Underground ad was banned for making too much of the fact that its lead character was a Muslim but this is nevertheless a clever move - allowing the programme makers to not demonise Muslims by showing both moderate and extremist opinions.
    Compared plenty to 24, the show is obviously still very different in terms of its format, but in terms of how thrilling, how cleverly constructed and how startlingly original the programme is, its arguably a fair comparison.

    The show is being released on DVD in the UK on August 18 and I really hope that people take the opportunity to discover a gem they may have missed given FX\'s relatively small audience. If you like not only 24, but also things like The Wire, Prison Break and other compulsive hits, Sleeper Cell is well worth looking out for.
  • FANTASTIC!!! A must see for anyone who likes intellectual, elegant, realistic, as well as cleverly scripted shows .. It is truly hard to find QUALITY shows like this these days; I am glad i had the chance to see it.

    Those who haven't seen the whole 1st season have no right to judge this show. I am not a Muslim, but i understand the struggles one goes through due to religious faith in a foreign land. This show aims to give us, the American people, an 'open mind'(among other noble prerogatives), so that we may understand why we are facing the "dilemma" of racial and religious hardships around the world. The show also stresses the importance of being an understanding and willing people striving towards a greater level of peace among our friends; even if they practice a different faith. Showtime has been coming out with some good shows lately, thank you. It is about time someone took the initiative of moving away from the regular "garbage" hollywood/ cable networks throw out to the public expecting us to like it.

    PS. I hope they do a season 3.
  • "I left my wallet in El Segundo..."

    If you get the summary that I wrote then you are a fan of the show. I am going to criticize someone for not catching the subtle nuances of the show.

    Anyways...I got the seasons a while ago and have never had the time to sit and start watching them. I just finished season one and wow, I really enjoy this show so far. I thought that all of the characters did a great job playing their roles. It had (what I thought to be) very little fluff and filler plots that most of the time drive me away from shows. This, to me, especially happens in shows that are an hour long. I rarely could predict the next moves. It is also hard to me to pick out most and least favorite episodes. If you are going to classify this as a "cop drama" it is hard to come by something of this quality. Thank you Showtime, for producing something that leaves viewers thinking. Some people are saying how this stereotypes Muslims in the United States of America or may make people fear Muslim Americans more or plant that fear...I am not going to say that is wrong, but I bring it up more to make the point that I am glad a show is getting people to talk and debate topics like this. Although, if you do believe that come on get real. How often does an episode of CSI (insert city name here) or Law and Order (insert any three letters here) get you to think? Oh wait, are we to give props to NYPD blue for showing fat asses well...ass or saying a naughty word? Hell no, but I guess they are doing what they can do on basic TV. I would recommend the show to anyone...of course there is nudity and off color language that may turn people off, but unless you are really a holy roller (and if you are why are you watching Showtime) you will most likely instantly dislike the program.

    I can't wait to crack into season two. Also, I have yet to look into it but has this listed as a returning it?
  • Great show, somewhat controversial, and definitely worth your time.

    Sleeper Cell is one of those HBO series TV shows where they don't sensor out anything, which helps this series out a lot. Sleeper Cell is about a terrorist cell operating out of a US city with some members being homebrew and some from middle eastern countries it creates a diverse group all with the same objective but one. Micheal Ealy's character is a undercover agent trying to make his way into the cell to help alert the authorities whenever their leader tells the the target after he puts them through some tough tests. This season (one) was originally just planned to be a mini-series but was signed on for a second season. I'd recommend this show to people who enjoy shows like brotherhood or sopranos. Season one consists of only 9 episodes so if you get hooked at least you don't throw away 24 hours of your life like Lost or 24.
  • As I have know seen every episode of this show, I can officially say that this is one of the all time best shows ever written in its execution and its information that no one is just good or just bad.

    Sleeper Cell ran for two superb seasons. Both looked into a terrorist cell from the eyes of Darwin, an undercover FBA Agent who puts it all on the line for his country. He is also Muslim. Throught both seasons you meet the fellow cell mates, none of which who are pure evil in anyway, some have had a horrible past, and other things that help you sympathize with them. See, that is the most important and best part of Sleeper Cell, the other members of the cell. You'll come to care about nearly every one of them. You will also see how Darwin gets stuck in the middle of it all, and it all leads towards the series finale that gives a resolution to this show. Its not the most positive show, and it can a bit intense, but its also an amazing show, and one of the best I have ever seen, even if it only consists of 18 hours of tv, it will not disapoint in anyway.
  • Sleeper cell is an account of an undercover UC FBI agent working in a "sleeper cell" terrorist group. The goal is to reveal the plot of the terrorist organization, but the cell only receives info on the objective at the last second. You have to watch!

    They didn't have a category for "Addictive" which is what this series is! The acting is compelling, which bonds you to the characters. You feel like you are actually witness to a terrorist plot, and the feeling is spine tingling. The contrast between ruthless Sayeed? and good Darwin creates and constant angst for the viewer - you can never relax until the end of the series. I recommend getting the DVD and watching the series straight through (not all at once) to get maximum effect.
  • Watched the first and last episode to get a feel for the show and it was pretty good.

    Dont get Showtime, so I never saw it on air, but heard it was pretty good, though many didnt think Season 2 ended on a good note. From what Ive seen of it, it pretty good. It was more of a miniseries than a standard series. Hopefully they will do a 2 hour wrap up at some point to tie up loose ends. I will have watch the the downloads of the other episodes at some point.

    Jericho on CBS is like a combination of Sleeper Cell and 24. If you havent seen Jericho yet, check it out. It is much slower paced than 24, but has some of the same elements involving a massive terrorist atomic truck bomb attack on up to 2 dozen US cities at the same time and what America would look like afterwards. Its best viewed without commercials and recorded (so you can fly past some of the dull sub plots). The Robert Hawkins sub plot, along with the webisodes called COUNTDOWN on, concerning what appears to have been Hawkins as some type of government agent infiltrating a terrorist cell in plot that makes 9-11 look like a Sunday picnic, are what makes Jericho superb.
  • A Muslim FBI agent who goes inside a terrorism operation undercover. He faces a lot of troubles that you can't even imagine!

    The TV show is not taking anybody's side. Not American or Arabic people. Moreover it tries to show you there are different kind of people in different places of the world which so many people do not realize that! The show also tells us about some true things in religions which is not so easy to find and learn in the real world. Perhaps the writers have done a nice research or have had some information about it. I hope the show goes on and continues after a break. Hope to see all the people around the world in peace.
  • A darkly realistic depiction of secular extremists who truly believe they are on the side of good.

    Having watched seasons one and two, and going to watch them yet again, I found myself reminiscing of my past experiences with people who I met during my time in the military. I met many Muslims, though in those days, the cold war was still IT and bin Laden was a relative nobody in western media.

    I met some Bosnians, and Serbs and Croats...what a tangled mess, I met some north Africans and a few Palestinians, a whack load of Iranians and Iraqis...

    All positive meetings...I've got to admit that.

    But I could picture each and every one of those whome I talked with at length taking the roles of all the players in the Cell in season one. Season two, I could picture the new players based on modern facts of terrorists who were captured and the wide demographic of racial diversity that we all know is possible now, only served to punctuate how horrific the world can be. Season 2 is graphically dark and certainly realistic to say the least. I felt Darwin's personal pain at the end...I could relate to that loss, former comrades at arms of mine fallen overseas in this battle against extremism.

    The radicals will denounce this story as trashing the whole of Islam...I think it is enlightening...not in a negative way, I have so much more respect for Islam now than I had even when I was in Iran. And a deeper seated hatred of radical Islam, equal to the intensity of my respect.

    Self fulfilling prophecy with which this story is told, the extremists likely will usher in fatwas (sp?) upon those involved in the telling of the story. Kinda like the reaction of the extremists in Islam over the recent speech by the Catholic Pope who was quoting another Pope's words from 800 years ago, telling of the extreme measures those Islamic extremists at that time would go in spreading their beliefs. Telling the hard naked truth to them evokes violence...but they cannot see it, even after they are looking at their bloodied hands after killing the man who told them they would react that way by the mere mention of it.

    The Muslims I met were all nice to me...may they have peace forever more. I hope that none of them fell into that twisted dogma that Sleeper Cell so accurately portrays. I took off points because I didn't care for how the final episode of season two left too many questions that do not look like they will be answered....the explosion at the end did not look large at the moment it happend...the next thing you know, everyone who was some distance way from it was flattened and wounded in some way, enough to incapacitate them all. I could see Farik's wife being obliterated in the blast but she was not, considering it was ground zero. Farik likely would have been severely wounded with his proximity. The rest of the bunch around Darwin should have been relatively unscathed, aside from perhaps being knocked over from the blast wave...I would have accepted it more easily had they all been much much closer to each other when the rocket hit.

    But other than that, OUTSTANDING!

    Here's to hopefully season 3 in the works...
  • Darwyn Al-Sayeed is an undercover FBI agent who infiltrates an Islamic Extremest terrorist Cell.

    Darwyn works for the FBI, he is an African America and a Muslim, Darwyn's job is to infiltrate a terrorist sleeper cell. He has to keep up the image that he's a stone cold extremist while feeding information to his FBI handler, being the inside man might be difficult. The perils of being in a terrorist cell include getting shot at, being discovered and the complications of a love life. Darwyn meets a woman he loves, she's got a son, and Darwyn (according to his cell leader) can't risk exposing who he "is", but the burden of a love life, working for the FBI, being in a terrorist cell, and saving countless people from the cell's planned attack, Darwyn may be having a bad week at work.
  • Scary cause it could be true!

    Every time there was an episode, it was so scary that my mother could not sleep knowing how true the story line could be. I actually bought the series cause I like Michael Ealy, but one thing I would like to know is if he really is Muslim, if anyone knows please send me a message. I hear that second season has come out in the US still waitting here in Australia. Can't wait for it though looks really good. Keep it up!
  • People have this show all wrong...

    Regardless of whether you like the show or not, I feel there have been alot of unjust criticism about this show.

    Dangerous generalizations about this show, such as k2d\\\'s \\\"the western world already excuses wars and unacceptance with considering all Muslims to be terrorists and dangerous!\\\" are remarkably unfounded and need to not be thrown about so lightly.

    Maybe some people feel that Sleeper Cell is a hostile take on Islam and Muslims - but it seems to me that for every extremist (by Western standards) there is a character in the show who represents the Muslim community who don\\\'t follow such doctrines. I\\\'m not going to claim to have a comprehensive knowledge of Islam and the issues Sleeper Cell deals with but I wanted to somewhat state the obvious that Sleeper Cell is clearly not an anti-Muslim TV show as has been suggested. To claim it is such is just ridiculous. From my point of view it is anything but - I believe that the show has led to a greater understanding within the Western cultural zeitgeist that extremism is indeed not something all Muslims believe in.

    With regards to the show itself, I have to agree that the S2 finale was a bit of a letdown. It seemed so unresolved, not at all like the end of S1.
  • I really wonder if this show can be realistic in any ways or if it is just manipulative US-crap to push the fear and hate against Muslims!

    Unfortunately the western world already excuses wars and unacceptance with considering all Muslims to be terrorists and dangerous! Creating movies and shows which put Muslim in that kind of position wont help to solve global problems in any ways, although they might be entertaining, they'll just push the problems and create more...
    And I actually cant imagine such a show being created without government influence..
    It's funny how the US-media changed the world-view against they did with the seems to be always the same thing...manipulation and influence!
    maybe there is a bit too much conspiracy in my words maybe its to less...but I'm exited to see the show!
  • a show inside the look of a sleeper cell. One man a born muslim and undercover agent try to break the cell.

    Darwyn Al-Sayeed -- a 30-year-old African American undercover FBI agent who is also a practicing Muslim -- finds his way (under an assumed name) to an Islamic extremist named Farik, who recruits him to join a terrorist sleeper cell planning an attack in Los Angeles. Darwyn is supervised by Ray Fuller, also a close friend who worries for Darwyn's safety.

    BRIEF HISTORY:Produced by the writers of 2003's "Bulletproof Monk," Ethan Reiff and Cyrus Voris. The series will air Sunday through Thursday for two weeks, followed by a two-hour season finale on December 18.
    STARS: * Michael Ealy as Darwyn Al-Sayeed * Oded Fehr as Faris Al-Farik * Blake Shields as Tommy Emerson * Alex Nesic as Christian Aumount * Henri Lubatti as Ilija * Melissa Sagemiller as Gayle Bishop * James LeGros as Ray Fuller
  • Very well written!

    One of the best shows about terrorism.

    I am a fan of 24, but, sometimes, with all the action going on, Jack Bauer is like Superman. The whole thing just seems unreal

    Here, it s about normal speed, human size show and yet, very scary. There is plenty of room for tension and suspense. The plot seems to cover all the bases in exploring the preparation of an attack as well as the training of the recruits. It gives us some insights about the various perspectives inside the Muslim religion

    We follow the contrast of neat and apparently rational dialogues, with mostly clean language, full of respect, versus crude and cruel actions against other human beings. How can this be?

    The cast’s acting is sober, realist and Oded Fehr is just the right man for the job (no PUN intended).

    Definitively a must see!
  • Possibly the deepest, most thought-provoking show ever.

    I'm writing this after only 4 episodes, which isn't something I normally do. I've partially done it to combat those typical 0.0 scores you sometimes get from fools who have expectations in their head about a show (probably expecting another '24' in this case), and when those expectations aren't met, or they can't get into the show after 5 minutes of viewing, they turn off their TV, rush to their computer and just slate the show as soon as possible. Well, if you switched this one off after 5 minutes, it's your loss!
    Saying all that, after 5 minutes, I wasn't so sure myself. I was a bit surprised at how much adult content there was, and I guess disappointed by the bad language, in the sense that I was really hoping my parents would watch this religiously as they do with 24, but with my mother reacting to swearing in a similar way to touching boiling water, Sleeper Cell was going to be a no-no for her.

    I didn't really know what to expect from the show. I must have been expecting something along the lines of 24 myself, so it took a while to settle on me. To that end, I have to put my only negative spin on the whole thing, and blame the previews and trailers for making it look something like 24, or at least definitely appeal to people who love 24. I think Sleeper Cell warrants a bit more of an explanation within the trailer, that way people with 5 minute attention spans or supreme prejudice are al least not going to fall into a trap laid by the show's creators. Perhaps that's dumbing the whole thing down, and I'm sure someone like Hitchcock would never have felt the need to explain himself to his audience before presenting his work, but I just hate to think of people with any intelligence switching off to to Sleeper Cell simply because they were under the wrong impression about it. Anyway, by the end of the first episode, I was intrigued. By the close of the second episode, I absolutely loved it. After the 3rd episode, I was thinking it was as good as 24, and was constantly thinking about it, all through the day, and every day, even - get this - during the current episode of 24! Argh, I can't get it out of my head. By the end of the 4th episode, I'd like to announce that it's the best show I've ever seen on TV up to this point. It may get stupid, it may end early, that's all entirely possible, but thus far, it's the best thing I've seen, ever.

    So, how to actually describe it? Imagine the creators were sitting watching 24, and they decided to make a show like that themselves. As they hatched a tiny embryo of an idea, they decided that, while it would be vaguely in the theme of 24 (i.e. government agents, terrorists, etc.), they were going to make it as different as possible. So different, that in many ways it's the exact opposite. In 24, you've got plots appearing roughly every 5 minutes, attacks every episode, people coming, going, double-crossing, dying, back stabbing, hostage-taking, and just about everything that can happen, does happen. In Sleeper Cell, after 4 hours, there hasn't actually been one attack. A huge TWO people have died. I guess that probably gives you the best clue about the show. It's slowed down and magnified by about a million times compared with 24, and anything else for that matter You learn about the characters, you learn about terrorism, the Islamic faith, why these people are doing what they're doing, and why they believe they're right. It's incredibly deep. The acting is great, the atmosphere is superb. Its tense, but most of all, once you've got into it, and you start to understand it, it's absolutely terrifying. Not terrifying like a slick horror flick, where you're ready to jump behind the sofa, but terrifying because the creators have seemingly hit a reality bullseye in a way that I've never seen before in a work of fiction I've watched on my TV. Maybe the New Zealand Film, Once Were Warriors, but that was about domestic violence. This is terrorism, and after several terrorist attacks over the last few years in the US, UK, Spain, Turkey, etc. etc., its a subject that most people do think about now. To most Westerners, it used to feel so far away, so detached, but now it feels a lot closer to home, a lot more real, so I guess when you add this to all the other great aspects of the show, that's why Sleeper Cell is so terrifying, and why it plays on your mind like nothing else I can think of.

    So far, it's been incredibly well thought out, and I really like the way it's shown as a war against Islam itself as well as a war against the US. I try not to dwell on whether Bush and Blair were right to attack Iraq, and whether their motives were genuine, but terrorism needs to be fought, and I'm sure that a lot of influential people in powerful positions would do well to watch this show, as it gives incredible insight into just how difficult it is to stop terrorism, because of the way the terrorist cells get set up, and how the people get brainwashed and recruited. In fact, as I think somebody mentioned in another review mentioned, maybe this show should be aired in high schools or colleges and put up for debate. It's surely more relevant to the world today than any of Shakespeare's work, and while I'm not suggesting that Sleeper Cell gets shown in place of a class read during English lessons, I think it's important enough to be shown for education, and while it's being watched, maybe the kids will get a dose of intelligent film making rather than most of the fast cut Hollywood junk that comes out these days.

    I hope Sleeper Cell stays this good, and I hope it gets the success it deserves. Please, stay with this one: give it a chance, because I guarantee, you won't have seen anything like this before.

    I've just finished watching the two hour finale of Sleeper Cell. Up to this point, it never became 'stupid' as I was afraid it might, not that I had any reason for expecting it to. Reports of a 'Hollywood style ending' are way off the mark as far as I'm concerned. This show has way, way more than lived up to it's early promise, and what I thought may well end up being the best thing I've ever seen on TV... well I can finally say wholeheartedly that this IS the best thing I've ever seen on TV. And in the cinema too for that matter.

    I don't think there's ever been anything as bold as Sleeper Cell, and given the subject matter, it was handled with astonishing delicacy; it would have been all too easy for the writers to slip into creating an impression that all Muslims are bad. Similarly, it would have been just as easy to, accidentally or otherwise, give the impression that what the terrorists were doing was maybe justified even just a little bit and that Americans, or in fact, the whole of Western society, is bad, diseased, whatever, and that we've all had this coming to them. But they didn't. I guess like the Koran itself, you can draw your own conclusions to the messages, and if you fall either side of the centre, then you're sadly misreading what's being told, or at least only skimming the surface of the show as though it was a news headline, not giving the whole thing away, maybe even misleading to what's really being said. It's all in the nuances of the writing and the acting.

    As for the finale itself, forgive the crudity, but I was browning my pants pretty much for the entire two hours. It was simply amazing. The other episodes have given me a couple of dead-wakingly powerful shocks, and on two occasions brought me to tears. I've never been anything other than enthralled for the entire time. The acting has been simply magnificent, by all the main cast. I guess Darwyn (Michael Ealy) and Farik (Oded Fehr) are the ones with the best opportunities to show off their acting and get a shot at any awards, but I have to say, they played their parts to perfection, with amazing deftness and delicacy. How Fehr portrays a terrorist who sincerely believes what he's doing is the right way and the only way, feeling honourable about what he's doing, yet manipulating his team and keeping them on the 'straight and narrow', is brilliant. As for Ealy, his character's internal turmoil, disgust and hatred, which he's trying with all his might to suppress, especially in the later episodes... well that's surely worthy of every best actor role going. The miniscule muscle movements which reveal so much, too much even, if you look close enough, Ealy handles camera work under the microscope amazingly and makes it 100% believable. The knife-edge living of an undercover agent has never been so well portrayed in my humble opinion.

    I'd like to take this opportunity to thank the creators for this marvellous, measured, intricate, delicate, astonishing, terrifying, tender, heartbreaking, thought-provoking piece of film making. You've done yourself proud, and I sincerely hope you don't feel there's anything you would want to change about the masterpiece you've produced. I don't think any writer, director or producer could have made a better job of it than you did. At no point did it appear that you bowed to any political pressure, or indeed religious pressure, and if you were pressured by anyone pulling the purse strings to hurry things or draw anything to a close prematurely, it certainly didn't feel like it to me. There was no evidence of making an effort to artificially balance good and bad sides.
    Film making as an art and showpiece for both talent and genius is still alive after all. I've got faith that you won't go astray with the second series. I can't wait!

    Unrelated, but some of my other favourites are 24 (all series, but 2 is probably weakest I think), first 2 series of Six Feet Under, 4400, and Huff. I also really liked Nightstalker, Darkskies and Prey before they got cut short.
  • A Muslim FBI agent Darwin Al-Sayeed (played by Michael Ealy) infiltrates a terrorist cell in Los Angeles headed by the chilling Farik (played by Oded Fehr.) He joins a multi-cultural gang of would be Osamas in an effort to clear the name of his religion a

    Fantastic, informative, shocking, and above all, great storytelling. It breaks stereotypes, it questions the viewer's loyalties, and teaches while it entertains. Michael Ealy easily displays the complex nature of his character, while Oded Fehr takes what would have been a one dimensional evil killer and gives a chlling protrayal of Farik. Blake Shields portrays the disturbed Tommy extremely well, and Henry Lubatti gives a phenomenal performance as Ilya, a man who has suffered much and who looks for closure through his violent acts. Alex Nesic is compelling and exceptional in his role as a French former skin-head who converted to Islam and now embraces the evil extreme that in reality has nothign to do with the religion. All of the men are also damn hot. Definetely worth a watch.
  • One of the best shows i've seen in the last time . The FBI agent gets inside the terrorist group undercovr and try to find out what is the plan they all train so hard .

    I'll tell you why I love this show .
    From the first episode you have fear , mystory and action .
    Its hard not to fall in love with the FBI agent Darwin , and you staring to like all the other characters so you must tell yourself every time they are terrorists .
    Farik (Oded Fher) wich is israeli as I , plays the head of terorist group and even though you hate him you see how much charisma he has , he is smart , powerful , evil and deidacted to the mission (fanatic) .

    well , insted of watching this great show your wasting time reading my review about it , go watch it !!!!
  • Captivating.

    Sleeper Cell is the most edge of your seat action you'll ever see in a series drama. If you like the Splinter Cell video game series you'll love the Sleeper Cell tv series. To have an agent do this type of work is unimageable. WARNING: These show is not for the light stomachs. There's a reason why it's rated TV MA.
  • On the edge of my seat, nail biting drama!

    A series to be reckoned with, Sleeper Cell packs a powerful punch of drama and complex human nature. F.B.I agent Darwin, is deep undercover inside an activated muslim terriorist cell planning an attack in L.A. The unfolding of the story line uncovers other cells activatied in other unknown cities. Darwin must stay undercover as long as possible to save the other cities and uncover the other cells before they go back into hiding. Yet while all this evil that lingers in mens hearts to achieve such an act of violence-- Sleeper Cell pushes past the cowboy action hero stereo type with Darwin. The audience dives headlong into the reality that these men planning to commiting this act are not monsters of pure evil, and the road to ending
    terrorism is a long one indeed.
  • the show takes us to the world of terror cell planning an attack in LA.

    the show was great and from one episode to another it got more and more interesting. The actors got us one by one closer to understanding the "presure" the Jihad fighters fill in obligation to fight the holy war as they describe it.
    For me it showed me that no one should be judged by his believes and fantic actions some people in his religion take.
    although in my opinion I think the show is great I would change just the end. If was the director/writer of the show I have changed the end. A show like this should'nt end in a Holliwood ending but in an abit tragic ending to make a better point.
    But that's only my opinion and the show was still great and interesting.
  • Althought it was just a longer version of 24 this was still a great show to watch and I would reccommend to others.

    I have to say the show is unoriginal in that it was pretty much just a longer version of 24. Also the 'educational' things they throw in the show are kinda lame and overexagerated but other than that I loved the show. I thought they did a great job keeping the show moving and I hope to see another season with new plot line to keep me going. I give the show my thumbs up, just overlook the education lessons they throw in and the kinda lame/un action filled ending they put on this season.
  • This is the best and most interesting show I've seen on television since " six feet under " The acting is impecable and reality of it is quite stunning. I was impressed that they were able to go so far as to get the Canadian content correct.

    I just finished watching the first 10 episodes and well its comparable to 24 with Keifer Sutherland in the sense of its action...there isn't the annoying countdown clock at the end of each scene and the main character doesn't run around in his SUV almost getting killed or having one of his relatives kidnapped during each episode.

    Sleeper Cell manages to keep its cool... much like the main character Darwin who isn't over the top with cliche secret agent characteristics that become annoying in a series like 24.

    The main thing I like about this show is that it chooses to make a statement on muslims ( postive - ie: they aren't all bad ) the U.S. Gov't - ( what they are doing to the prisoner in Guantanamo Bay isn't right and there are many innocent people being held there who aren't guilty of anything)

    My last comment? HOORAY... we aren't watching a show that panders to the Bush Administration's foreign policies. Bravo Showtime.... and to all the cast of Sleeper Cell...(as well as Paul Haslinger who did the score ) I hope there are many more episodes to come.


    Toronto Canada

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