Sleeper Cell

Showtime (ended 2006)





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  • FANTASTIC!!! A must see for anyone who likes intellectual, elegant, realistic, as well as cleverly scripted shows .. It is truly hard to find QUALITY shows like this these days; I am glad i had the chance to see it.

    Those who haven't seen the whole 1st season have no right to judge this show. I am not a Muslim, but i understand the struggles one goes through due to religious faith in a foreign land. This show aims to give us, the American people, an 'open mind'(among other noble prerogatives), so that we may understand why we are facing the "dilemma" of racial and religious hardships around the world. The show also stresses the importance of being an understanding and willing people striving towards a greater level of peace among our friends; even if they practice a different faith. Showtime has been coming out with some good shows lately, thank you. It is about time someone took the initiative of moving away from the regular "garbage" hollywood/ cable networks throw out to the public expecting us to like it.

    PS. I hope they do a season 3.