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Sleeper Cell

Season 1 Episode 4


Aired Sunday 10:00 PM Dec 07, 2005 on Showtime
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Episode Summary

Farik decides to send biochemical student Eddy Pangetsu on a flight to Vancouver. There he must drive a shipment of real anthrax across the Canadian border to Los Angeles.

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  • a very revealing episode

    by far an eye opener about what lurks within. definitely a special episode to a seemingly ho hum series. the show really takes off from here. the scholar reveals an insight to the community and how they are perceived. very solid characters and cast will make sure sleeper cell.... doesnt just become that.
  • This episode has to be the strongest episode yet so far from all the first 4 episodes!

    This show is a mind turner and will give people a better view on Islam. The battle going on in this series is not really about muslims and americans or muslims and christians or muslims and jews. I think the real battle is between the good and bad in muslims themselves. I hope the americans and the rest of the world realise that terrorism is absolutely against Islam, and I think episode 4 in Sleeper Cell really prevailed this message. The terrorists themselves are not entirely to be blamed, each one is a victim and they have the right facts in Islam but misinterpreted it and was taught but those who are extremists and not logical believers. This episode really gave me goosebumps and brought tears to my eyes. As a muslim myself, it is scary to know that the battle is also within muslims. I just hope this tv show does not turn out to be an attack to all muslims but just an eye opener to people that terrorists are not following the true islam.moreless
  • Powerful. Sleeper Cell is like no other series!

    Sleeper Cell was a little confusing in at the start but now at the 4th episode it ent much clearer.

    As a person not very into islam religion, this series shows what it's about. It's very real, don't take this series as some stupid hollywood crap but as a real life drama.

    This episode made my feelings go very strange..

    i am a very strong person emotionaly but this episode made my eyes go a little red.

    One of the reasons was because i look at this series as in real life.. not as a hollywood made up kind of thing.

    Every episode has various of different messages, and this was very strong.

    I felt like evil is unstoppable in flesh and blood. you have to sacrifice it all to be able to make a small change.

    Very well writen and built episode. the music and acting was superb, i felt strong.

    Great episode!

Michael Desante

Michael Desante

Masked Gunman

Guest Star

Jeff Mallare

Jeff Mallare

Eddy Pangetsu

Guest Star

Therese McLaughlin

Therese McLaughlin

FBI Agent

Guest Star

Joshua Feinman

Joshua Feinman

F.B.I. Tech

Recurring Role

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (4)

    • Marc Casabani plays the non-violent Islamic scholar in this episode of Sleeper Cell. Ironically, in the second season of the similarly-themed '24', Marc Casabani played a terrorist, who was paid to detonate a nuclear bomb over Los Angeles.

    • The Plain Clothed Agent is speaking in Mandarin.
      She is saying (as she walks in front of Farik and Eddy) :
      Little sister, I forgot to close the cupboard, could you help me close it? Yea, thanks.

    • This episode is filmed on location at Los Angeles and in the LAX (Los Angeles International Airport).

    • Farik reveals that he has a wife whom he has not spoken to in 18 months.

  • QUOTES (11)

    • Abdal Malik: The greatest jihad is to battle your own soul, to fight the evil within yourself.

    • Abdal Malik: God does not change the condition of a people until they change what is in themselves.

    • Eddy: Who are you?
      Illija: I'm the angel who will we watching over you.

    • Farik: Romantic relationships complicate our mission. If you need sexual release, go pay for a whore. If you're broke I'll lend you the money but don't allow yourself to get emotionally involved.

    • Farik: You know the punishment in the holy Koran for fornication. It's 100 lashes.
      Darwyn: Only if you have four witnesses.
      Farik: I can get them if I need to.

    • Tommy: [Abdal Malik ]'s a traitor to Islam!
      Christian: Isn't that a little extreme?
      Tommy: Extreme? Dude we're ****en terrorists!

    • Ilija turns on some rap music in his car and starts moving his head to the beat.
      Ilija: I love this song. (Eddy looks at Ilija with disbelief)

    • Illija: Always order kosher when you fly.
      Eddy: Because it's Halil?
      Illija: Because they always serve you first and it doesn't taste like shitty airplane food.

    • Darwyn: We can't spy up there [in Canada].
      Fuller: Darwyn, we're Americans. We can spy on whoever we want.

    • Eddy: I have to go to my apartment, pack.
      Farik: Don't worry, I already packed for you.

    • Farik(unexpectedly behind Gayle's car after she drives away): She's a piece of a** that woman. I mean she looks like she can handle herself in the bedroom. Is that true Darwyn or are looks decieving?

  • NOTES (3)


    • Jihad:
      The man in the first scene comes into the prison and asks the prisoner "What is the greatest Jihad?"
      Jihad is an Arabic word, meaning "striving in the way of God." In this case, it is most likely referring to "...an armed struggle fought in defense of Islam".