Sleeper Cell

Season 1 Episode 2


Aired Sunday 10:00 PM Dec 05, 2005 on Showtime
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Farik and Ilija receive a deadly biological anthrax shipment which they prepare to use for an attack in Los Angeles. Meanwhile, Darwyn and his cellmates stack out a shopping mall as a terrorist target. Also, Darwyn's FBI boss wants to know what happened to Bobby who has disappeared.moreless

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  • Who is casting this? Do they think we are idiots?

    The Indonesian student was NOT from Asia. Mexico more like.

    If you are going to cast an Asian, then he should actually look like one. There must be plenty of non-Muslim Asians out there who can pass for Indonesian. I\'m guessing that no Muslim would want to be cast in this show.

    And the big bad guy can\'t pronounce the word Malay.

    It\'s Malay to rhyme with \'lay\' not \'lie\'.

    You\'d think they could do better.

    Well, the tension wasn\'t built too badly though of course the shopping mall attack was a rehearsal.

    So far it isn\'t bad and the plot development looks good.moreless
  • Darwyns boss is still worried and wondering about him and finds out he shot bobby. bobbys family is in egypt thanks to farik. darwyns girlfriend(i guess) is madd at him because he stood her and her son up. farik to the guys a day early to the mall and darmoreless

    that episode was intense just like the white guy in the group said right after farik licked the anthrax and said how it was just fake and harmless and all this crap was just a test. that was twice in the episode that darwyns cover almost got blown. first in the car with the other feds following so close they could see up his ass and second on the roof when the FBI almost made it up the stairs while darwyn at the same time was about to bash farik's school with the flashlight. also i think its good that the woman dumped darwyn cuz she would probably end up dead or having to testify in federal court. and if it were farik driving the car when the feds were tailing too close i bet everything that he wouldve suspected another traitor in the group and offed some one else.moreless
  • We're getting to know the people we're supposed to hate. Unfortunately so far, I don't care for the characters either way.

    This is the other side of 24, riding with the bad guys. Like Alias, with a post 9/11 theme. I watched the first 2 episodes and thought, hm, this could be interesting, but it won't take my breath away.

    The fact that Darwyn, the main character, was an undercover agent was clear from the very beginning; it would be too radical to look at such an organisation entirely from the inside, without the judgemental talk coming from government authorities. I guess I can live with that, but that would have given Sleeper Cell the edge it will need to compete with 24.

    What this episode (together with the previous) does is show us that Darwyn is willing to do almost anything to achieve his goal. Even go through with a terrorist attack. But what exactly is his goal? How far does he need to go to take in Farik and his gang?

    Farik is great. I love him already. 2-dimensional, but very well acted.

    One thing about the credits really bothers me. Has anybody noticed the random use of the Arabic script to replace English letters? Like the "O" in Oded Fehr, which I believe is the Arabic "N". I don't like that, it's misleading and disrespectful. Maybe that's just me.

    I'll watch tonight and see if the show picks up a little.moreless
Noora Albright

Noora Albright

Young Girlfriend

Guest Star

Francesca Cecil

Francesca Cecil

Young Girl

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Michael Desante

Michael Desante

Masked Gunman

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Joshua Feinman

Joshua Feinman

F.B.I. Tech

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    • Gayle(to Darwyn): You know, you stand me up? Fine. But don't ever stand up my kid.

    • Christian(after having sex with a French woman): F***en whore. Now I have to beg Allah for forgiveness.

    • Darwyn: Are you good at your job?
      FBI surveillance #2: Who the f*** do you think you are?
      Darwyn: I asked you, are you good at your job?!
      FBI surveillance #1: F*** you.
      Darwyn: I'll tell you how good you are. You're so f***ing good that you got made by an airhead mutt who doesn't know his ass from a hole in the ground. That's right. You're f***en pathetic man.

    • (Darwyn slams Tommy's car into the surveillances' car. The two surveillance men choke on their food and drinks).
      FBI surveillance #1: Son of a b****!
      (The two men get out of the car.)
      FBI surveillance #1: Who do you think you are?
      Darwyn: What the f*** is your problem?
      (The two exchange punches and Darwyn shoves him onto the hood of the car.
      FBI surveillance #2 (pulls out a gun): You let him go right now.
      Darwyn: You gonna shoot me? One way or the other, I'm dead thanks to you right?

    • F.B.I. surveillance: How does a guy with a name like Thomas Ellen Emerson end up living in a s***hole like this?

    • Tommy: Mark my words, in 50 years, every public school in America will be closed for Ramadan.

    • Darywn(to Tommy): You're a trip man. Look at you; blonde haired, blue eyed, white boy, talkin' about Jewish deli and Halal.

  • NOTES (3)


    • Ramadan:
      This is mentioned by Tommy, who is in the food court with Darwyn.
      Ramadan is the ninth month in the Muslim lunar calendar which involves a month of fasting during daylight hours.