Sleeper Cell

Season 1 Episode 10

Youmud Din

Aired Sunday 10:00 PM Dec 18, 2005 on Showtime

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  • wow.

    wow. thats pretty much all i want to say. i did not know how this season would end, and thats pretty rare in television today. the only thing i have critique on are the terrorist plan. seems like they made it harder for them self with the first bomb on the stadium. a lot of people got away and, as you could see, there was not many people on the court. if they hadent done that they would have had time to enter the stadium... its been a great season, sometimes a litte to much liberal preaching (which i agree on every point, but dont want to see this obvious on a show), but in whole, great. really well created characters. i really liked tommy and hoped he would survive. the frenshman got what he deserved, a really dislikable person. i cant wait for the next season, and wonder what will take place there. could it be Washington, where the terrorists got away?
  • I loved this series but the season finale was defenately the most disappointing episode.

    I loved this series but the season finale was defenately the most disappointing episode. It seems as if it was filmed in a hurry and not according to the original story. All the characters who seemed liked masterminds before but in this episode they just seemed like jackasses. The creators also seemed to have a strong urge to show that the good guys always win completely while all bad guys will get the punishment they deserve. This episode is a printout of the ages-old Hollywood formula. But once again, the series at a whole, the story, the acting and so is very good.
  • Well it all lead to this all the planning in the last few episodes-it been a fantastic series to watch. What more can you ask for?

    Well i'm kind of disappointed it has ended in 10 episode, it seem very short but this was a mini-series so i have to bear that in mind. Anyway the planning for attack was very well planned and Darwin was a key chacter in making this all happend. He really put his life on the line for this and luckly he managed to stop it but the Target Boston Stadium was rather brillant plan- can you imagine a better target?. If that was suspenseful enough Farid send Dawin woman 2 ticket to the stadium where they are going to do attack-i was like WOW-is she going die, for those who watched it know she didn't but really well done keeping the suspense.

    Apart of me knew it was going to end the way it did with them either dying or get captured, kind of felt bad french guy didn't even know he was going to be a father. Still i liked the fact one of them got away and they will be a second season which i will definatly be looking forward to.

    This has been a wonderful series to watch.
  • What a fantastic mini series, a real gem!

    Can't wait till this comes to the UK, I'll watch it all over again!

    Seriously good TV - thought it was gonna be a jingoistic "all moslems are nutz" kinda show, but glad that I was wrong - not only is it great TV, but for me, the balance is right too - the fact that the main character is a true moslem is excellent - his double meaning speech in the truck in the last show is a nice touch - they think he's talking about the "cause", when in fact he's talking against them. Superb.

    Anyhow, only ten episodes, should make me a nice birthday pressie in feb if it's out them....

    Definitely one of my favourite things on TV.