Sleepy Hollow

Season 2 Episode 17


Aired Friday 9:00 PM Feb 16, 2015 on FOX

Episode Recap

Ichabod and Abbie go to a bookstore store to find copies of some of the books that they saw  in the Fenestella but were unable to rescue. Finding a copy of The Time Machine, Ichabod reads it and admits that he's a man out of time but he's not unique. The clerk says that they can't find the books they need, and the Witnesses go outside. Ichabod suggests that they define themselves as Witnesses since there are no guidelines to be found, and Abbie agrees. She warns Ichabod that they'll have to put their bond before anything--or anyone--else. Ichabod agrees with her as she leaves.

At the town square, Charles tells his wife Michelle that he gambled away all of their money. The large bell in the center of the square starts tolling and Michelle clutches at her head as she hears the sound.

A bicyclist is hit by a car and the driver, furious, gets out and complains. The bicyclist clutches at his head. Meanwhile, a girl, Stela, is attending her father's funeral and hears the bell.

The three individuals' eyes suddenly turn white and Michelle crushes the glass in her hand. Charles falls to the ground, clutching at his throat where finger marks have appeared outlined in blood. across the street, the bicyclist brings down a bolt of lightning from a nearby power line, killing the driver. And the dead man speaks through Stella, accusing his wife of cheating on him. The bell suddenly stops tolling and the three people revert to normal. Nearby, Henry puts the Dee's Grand Grimoire away with a look of disappointment and walks away.

At the station, Abbie calls Ichabod in when she hears about the incidents at the town square. Jenny arrives and tells them what she's learned about Irving, and how he asked her to get Cynthia and Macey out of Sleepy Hollow. She's done so, and is wondering what to do next. Ichabod and Abbie agree that they should use the Gorgon's head that they acquired, and that they currently have locked up in a jar in the Masonic cell. Jenny is reluctant to endanger Irving when there's still a chance to save him, but Abbie assures her sister that they've found a way to reverse the petrification process.. If they have to petrify Irving, Abbie promises to restore him once the current situation is resolved.

At the town square, Abbie confirms that the three persons involved have no memory of what happened or what they did. Ichabod realizes that all of the incidents involved spellcasting, and Abbie confirms that each victim reported hearing the bell toll. The Witnesses examine the metal bell and Abbie realizes that it's the different than the one that has been there for centuries. Ichabod examines it and says that it's cast from the same mold as the Liberty Bell, and that he cracked that bell.

Back at the archive, Ichabod explains that he sabotaged the Liberty Bell in 1773. Washington sent him to intercept a crate from the Axminister Bell Company. Ichabod found it, distracted the Redcoat soldiers with a dummy, and cracked the bell using a black powder charge. They figure that someone placed the bell there and performed the ritual to create more witches which that person could use as a weapon. Abbie wants to call on Katrina since they're dealing with witchcraft, but Ichabod tells his friend that his wife has been... distant since they fought Kent.

At the cabin, Katrina is practicing blood magic when Henry comes in and congratulates her on tapping into the dark side of her magic. Katrina confirms that Henry killed Moloch to save her life, not just his own. Henry assures her that it is their destiny to be together, and he has much to tell her.

Abbie and Ichabod find a pagan symbol from the bell and realizes that it's the logo of the Axminister Company that created it. The symbol relates to the Ritual of Awakening, a spell which activates the powers of those with witch heritage. Ichabod warns that thousands of citizens could be the descendants of witches, and Abbie figures that they have to crack the bell. They agree to use the same method that Ichabod used: a black powder charge.

Henry takes his mother back to Fredericks Manor and shows her the flowers that he's growing there. He shows her the Grimoire and explains that Irving recovered it from Kent. Katrina realizes that he intends to use the Ritual of Awakening, but Henry admits that he already tried and failed because he is only half warlock. He needs Katrina to perform the ritual so that they can create a new coven with thousands of members. Henry and Katrina will lead them, ensuring that no witch is ever harmed again. When Katrina points out that Ichabod will stop them, Henry says that Ichabod is not one of them and never can be, However, he insists that if Katrina abandons what she has believed in for the last 200 years, they will finally have a family.

As Ichabod and Abbie buy supplies at a hardware store, they discuss how to safely blow up the bell. Ichabod points out that the tunnels beneath the town run near to the square, and that they stored munitions so should be safe to contain the explosion.

That night, Ichabod, Abbie, and Jenny get the bell and take it to the tunnel entrance. However, Irving opens fire on them with a rifle. They take cover and Jenny realizes that Irving will need time to reload. She charges at him, shooting, and Irving runs and shoots back. He takes cover and yells that he hoped Jenny would try to get the bell so he could kill her. But first Irving demands to know where he can find his family. Jenny reminds him that he asked her to get them safely away, and then shoots him in the chest. However, Irving shrugs off the bullets and picks up his gun, and chases after Jenny as she runs.

As Ichabod and Abbie take the bell toward the tunnel, Henry and Katrina arrive and Ichabod realizes that his wife has switched sides. She says that she trusts what she feels, and insists that witches have been wronged. She explains that Washington made a pact with her coven, assuring them that they would be accepted into society once they helped him win the war. He didn't keep his side of the bargain, and Katrina plans to make it right. Ichabod warns that Henry can't be trusted, but Katrina insists that their son has changed. Henry says that he has always needed Katrina, and it's their destiny to be just the two of them. Katrina denounces Ichabod, saying she was foolish to believe she could be close to a mortal man, and Ichabod accepts that she no longer wants him. However, he refuses to give them the bell. Unimpressed, Katrina blasts them back into the tunnel and Henry seals the excavated wall, cutting them off from the bell.

In the tunnel, Ichabod calculates that they have only a few hours to stop Katrina, when she performs the ritual at the peak of her powers. He tells Abbie that they have to stay focused on Henry, and promises Abbie that he won't hesitate to kill his son this time. As they head into the tunnels, Ichabod explains that the bell he intercepted in 1773 was going to the Sleepy Hollow Town Hall. The building has been closed for decades, and the Witnesses decide to get their weapons and launch an assault... and distract their opponents so that they can find the bell.

In the attic of the town hall, Katrina looks around and tells Henry that her coven once met there. Henry wonders if his mother is having second thoughts, and Katrina assures him that she's doing it for him. Outside, Ichabod fires a shot into the air and yells Henry's name. Henry tells Katrina to prepare the ritual while he kills Ichabod.

Irving follows Jenny into the tunnels as she tries to get to the archive... and the Gorgon's head.

Henry wonders where Abbie is, just as she pulls up in her truck and prepares to shoot him. Indifferent, Henry tells Ichabod that he's sure he won't be able to kill his son. Ichabod shoots at him, but Henry deflects the bullet and magically knocks Ichabod's rifle away. Henry says that he has been abandoned twice--by Ichabod and by Moloch--but Ichabod insists that he didn't know that Henry existed. Abbie drives her truck at Henry, but Katrina arrives and magically stops the truck dead in its tracks. She then casts a fireball into the cab and it explodes. A shard of glass strikes Henry in the face and he casually pulls it out of the bleeding cut. He goes to the truck only to discover that Abbie wedged the gas pedal down and slipped away. Henry warns Katrina and goes to protect the bell, while walks away and Katrina turns to face Ichabod. He warns her that the path she is on will send her back to Purgatory.

As Abbie plants the charge and takes out flint and steel to ignite it, Henry arrives and blasts her back.

Jenny flees into the Masonic cell and locks the door, and then removes the Gorgon's head from the jar. Irving goes to the observation window and accuses Jenny, Ichabod, and Abbie of using and then abandoning him. Jenny insists that his family is afraid of him, but Irving tells her that once the bell tolls, their witch powers will be activated along with all the others.

Henry and Katrina tie Ichabod and Abbie to a stake in the attic, and Henry promises that they will be the first to burn. As he goes to help Katrina with the Ritual of awakening, Abbie explains that she attached the bomb to the bell but Henry hasn't seen it. Ichabod reveals that he has two flintlock pistols armed with Greek fire charges, but he needs to be free to fire them. Abbie tells Ichabod to get the flint and steel from her pocket and cut them free.

The Ritual of Awakening begins and as the bell tolls, people throughout Sleepy Hollow suddenly start manifesting their powers. Meanwhile, Ichabod tells Abbie that Henry is no longer immortal because he was injured in the explosion. He figures that they can kill Henry now and gives Abbie one of his pistols as they finish cutting themselves free. Ichabod fires at the black powder charges and Henry stops the bullet, and Abbie shoots him in the chest. Henry collapses and Katrina tries to heal him, but her son says that it's too late. He begs her to call him Jeremy, the name that she gave him on his birth. Ichabod comes over and apologizes for what they had to do, but Henry says that he has no regrets. He calls Ichabod "father" and then burns into ash in a matter of seconds.

As Irving prepares to smash the glass, Jenny readies the Gorgon's head. However, Irving collapses and the dark energy flows out of his body. He wonders what's going on and Jenny figures that it's a trick. Irving admits that he has no way to prove that he's back to normal, and Jenny takes the chance and runs to hug him.

Ichabod tells Katrina that he tries to save Henry and it isn't her fault. She agrees... and says that it's Ichabod's fault. Katrina pins him and Abbie to the walls and says that she should never have saved Ichabod's life centuries ago. She then casts a spell from the Grimoire, creating a portal. Distracted, she releases her prisoners and Abbie charges forward, grabbing Katrina just as they both disappear.

Abbie finds herself in the forest, alone. Her phone can't raise a signal, and Abbie starts walking to town. She comes across a road, only to discover that it's unpaved and has wagon tracks. A wagon goes rumbling past, just missing her, and Abbie realizes that she is in the past.

Katrina discovers that her spirit is in her body from 1781, and her body is tending to the wounded. She realizes that her spell has worked and confirms that her body is pregnant with Henry.

Abbie arrives in town and the soldiers quickly arrest her when she can't produce any papers. They take her to the jail and lock her up, taking her belongings. Abbie insists that she can change the course of the war with what she knows but will tell it only to one person... Captain Ichabod Crane.