Sleepy Hollow

Season 1 Episode 2

Blood Moon

Aired Friday 9:00 PM Sep 23, 2013 on FOX

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  • A great mix of horror and comedy.

    A great mix of horror and comedy, this episode was easily as good as the pilot, although I don't know what we'll do when Ichabod runs out of modern day things that confuse him, as this is the best part of the show!
  • Awesome

    just awesome
  • Still not quite coming together

    While I was watching this episode, I wished that a series had the ability to skip over the second episode and move to the third or fourth episodes. It's in those future episodes that a series is able to show what it can do. An episode like "Blood Moon" has to spend its time re-hashing the premise of the pilot episode because the writers are looking to get more viewers who didn't necessarily catch the pilot on first run or even understand what they were setting up.

    Given that Sleepy Hollow's pilot was a fast-paced, fun mess, there was the very real possibility this episode would continue to be a mess. It contains fleeting moments of inspiration, points where the show could break out of its shell to be more than what it is, but what remains are typical staples of the genre. There is the monster that drives the episode's story, which then turns it into a supernatural procedural, and how it ties to the show's overall mythology. I should come to expect that the mythology is just going to cease to make much, if any, sense by episode five. The material thrown at the audience in the first two episodes is overwhelming at times. What's going to make the series work is how the writers will rein in their focus to make most of its elements compelling as each episode airs.
  • Loved the Pilot, Bored with episode 2

    where the pilot impressed me by being modern,fresh,fun and updated, the 2nd ep was just dull ,cliche and corny,

    like seriously!!! who didnt predict all the moments and the entire trajectory of the entire episode?. The witch was resurrected at the end so she didnt even do much. i was initially glad John chou's character was back but c'mon he is so boring. why did that witch even need him?

    the sister reveal was lame and predictable. the flash backs are overly DRAMATIC. the mythology is kinda lame .i don't mind witches , but just update them a little, like in the pilot who didn't scream when the headless horseman showed up with freakin guns!!!!!

    in the pilot i was also really exicited when they said we are dealing with the APOCALYPSE, C"MON the world is ending!!!! and it seems the show wants to take baby steps to get there. if its gonna be a monster of week thing atleast make them COOL and interesting, its 2013 most of this stuff we've already seen on Buffy, Charmed, supernatural and many other shows. the writers need to shake it up and play with audience expectations.
  • Second time around

    Another well paced episode that was very entertaining. Not as good as the pilot, but it is the second week some things aren't so novel anymore. Icabad discovers donuts, lights,coffee machines, indoor plumbing, hair dryers, and guns that have more than a single shot. Isn't it about time for Icabad to get some modern clothes. I still can't believe nobody notices how he is dressed and how easily he can walk around crime scenes.
  • Great Casting

    I hope this show gets it's legs. They seemed to have cast it well. I don't recall seeing Tom Mison (Ichabod) or Nicole Beharie (Abbie Mills) in anything else and I think that works. The first episode is a good mix of supernatural thriller and character development. Like in the Walking Dead the writers are not afraid to kill off what appear to be main characters. It does a good job of pulling you into mystic connections that the founding fathers may have had with the occult and then bringing you up to the present time apocalyptic dangers. If you liked Charmed, Vampire Diaries, Angel or Supernatural this is probably a show worth checking out.