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Woohoo! People's Choice Awards time! Where WE get to vote for our favorite shows, actors, and whatever else! It's no secret around here that I'm a Sleepy Hollow fanatic, so let me go on ahead and get ready to pick my babies and give them a chance to win!

"Favorite Actor in a New TV series"

Hmm that's strange. Is it me or is Tom Mison not already up there? That's strange. I mean don't get me wrong, there is an "Other" section, but why wouldn't Tom already be up there with everyone else? He's my favorite actor in a new TV Series so...

"Favorite Actress in a New TV Series"

Also strange. Nicole Beharie isn't also already on here either. What the hell's up with that? Why are we forced to choose the "Other" category to write in our votes while everyone else gets to just check one and hit "Cast Your Votes"? I mean this is only the nominee section, but I'd rather actually see Tom and Nicole get nominated at least even if they don't win. This is pretty messed up.

So I think it's pretty stupid for the Also Biased People's Choice Awards to just snub Sleepy Hollow like that. We can still do something about it, and while I highly recommend that us Sleepy Heads go on ahead and put Tom and Nicole in the "Other" category, because they both have shown that they are really good actors, and they definitely deserve to be nominated, along with automatically being on the ballot from the get go! Anyway, I just felt like as a fan I'd go on ahead and rant. I was pretty annoyed with this I had to admit. But I do encourage us to vote for them, and overcome the odds of these two showing up at all and at least get them nominated! That'd be pretty freaking awesome!

Here's the link:

Let's make sure these people don't forget about us next year!
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Oct 27, 2013
I love this show so much sometimes even I forget its only been 4 episodes since the pilot.

Itsthe little things like this award that reminds me of it.
Oct 27, 2013
I feel the same way! It's a great new show! I definitely think Tom and Nicole deserve this! I'd just rather them already be a choice to select them rather than the "other" section, it seems kind of like they're dissing them and I don't appreciate it!
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