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Welllllll okay then. I'm not quite sure that I particularly enjoyed the direction that the second episode of Sleepy Hollow seemed to indicate that the show would be following, but I'll get to that later. For now, let's get to the story:

This week's episode opened with an obvious dream sequence with Ichabod running through a forest trying to escape the four horseman (if you had less than 60 minutes into the show as the point at which another or even all 4 horseman would appear, congratulations you won your Sleepy Hollow pool). Clearly, Sleepy Hollow wanted OUaT to know that they can do horses too. Anyway, Ichabod ran into a bunch of brambles that began wrapping him up and swallowed him into a hole in the ground......

Ichabod was sucked into a tunnel, where a mysterious figure appeared:

If only it were true (someone call Lana Parrilla's agent). But no, it was Ichabod's wife Katrina and she had some knowledge bombs to drop on Ichabod about a bunch of things we learned in the pilot (*yawn*). Then we got to the important part, there was going to be an evil army coming and the first evil spirit was coming - naturally Katrina was as vague as humanly possible about what the hell she was talking about (primarily the who/what/where/why, but very clear that she meant a witch) leaving Ichabod thoroughly confused.

The this creepy as hell thing happened:

And Ichabod awoke with a start to the real nightmare:

And here is where I must apologize for my lack of attention to detail in last week's photo recap and my previous trailer recap where I referred to the police force as the SHPD, because check out those collar pins.

Ichabod was in a rush to fill Abbie in on his dream, but wasn't allowed to leave the building. Back in the police station Abbie was going on another rant about the headless man and John Cho's death and how the other officers saw the same thing. However, the other officers had recanted their story leaving Abbie, once again, as the only person crying wolf as it were. Also, John Cho's death apparently didn't look quite the same on tape (looked like a suicide where he ran into the mirror).

Orlando Jones and Abbie then had an intense follow up discussion:

So after calling Abbie and Ichabod out for being crazy and talking about nonsense magical things, Orlando Jones kept them on the case and again said that they were his only lead (or something along that vein). However, they should NOT embarrass him. Also, he was bouncing out of town for a bit, so I don't think he really cared that much.
Hey Orlando do you want two people you think are batshit crazy in charge of the highest profile case in your department?

During this discussion with Abbie, we were also treated to an Ichabod meeting the modern world montage.

Finally Abbie came by the hotel to pick up Ichabod, where she started an annoying trend for the entire episode where she once again acted like she didn't believe anything (I was so happy to be done with that part in the pilot). But at least she brought Ichabod a treat (loved this part <3 donut holes).

Then Ichabod filled Abbie in on his dream/vision and warned her that an evil spirit was coming. Abbie flipped out at Ichabod again.

At which point we cut to a morgue, where something was waking up in a body bag. Was it the evil spirit? Hell no, it was:

John Cho was back! And this scene was awesome! The demon thing reanimated John Cho and gave him a mission to go wake up the evil spirit with this talisman.

Meanwhile Ichabod and Abbie were shooting the breeze in the cop car, when we all found out that Abbie is a secret shipper as she tried to get Ichabod to talk about Katrina. However, I was considerably more invested in the issue of taxation of donuts.

While in the graveyard for the funeral of Abbie's mentor/sheriff Ichabod returned to his wife's fake grave (I see you there Duft) and figured out that the evil spirit was a witch. Later that night John Cho used the amulet to summon the witch's spirit. He told her that she had to kill some people to get her flesh back and some other random tidbits - typical witch reanimation stuff basically.

However, the creepy zombie copy John Cho was highly entertaining. He stopped a guy on the road and had one of the weirdest conversations ever with the primary purpose of hearing the man's name. This was in order to confirm for the witch that this was the right target.

While the witch went on a killing spree, Ichabod deduced that part of the reason Abbie was so upset about everything was because of Corbin's death. We then learned that indeed as we thought last week he was more like a father/mentor than simple partner. Abbie had turned to drugs after the incident in the woods and had even robbed a pharmacy. Corbin had been the one to find her and gave her a choice: get her crap together or go to jail.

The next day Abbie and Ichabod went to check out the dead guy in the burned out car, when Ichabod had a funny feeling of deja vu. I know Abbie's first question was:

Apparently during Ichabod's travels during the war he had stumbled across a field of bodies that looked identical to this. He even sensed something evil and the witch was kind enough to step out into the open so Ichabod could see her:

So now we had a name that was witchy sounding, I'm going to just stick with witch. Anyway our heroic duo decided to return to the station to see if Corbin had any files on her. Unfortunately his files had been put into storage. However, we did get to meet Abbie's ex and learned that Ichabod too, is a secret shipper.

But Abbie had some explaining to do:

It turned out that the files were in the building across the street. Fortunately, Ichabod knew of a secret entrance from the police station.

Ichabod and his cohorts used to use a set of underground tunnels to transport ammo and supplies in secret. Oh and also there was this:

Oh and there was also a surprising amount of unexploded unstable ordinance underneath the police station, which is like Homeland Security's worst nightmare:

Anyway they made it across the street into the archives that seemed to be getting set up as a sort of base for them or something?

They easily found Corbin's files and we learned another interesting tidbit about Ichabod - he has an eidetic memory. He remembers everything - but for some reason all he remembers from the last 250 years is this:

It turns out that the witch was burned to death, but leveled a curse that would allow her to come back to life if she had the ashes from the descendants of the man who killed her. Also just to let whoever leaked the premise of American Horror Story: Coven inside Fox know:

But the actual capture of the witch was pretty awesome:

Anyway Abbie and Ichabod figured out the likely next target of the witch, however there was a nice twist as it turned out not to be the little boy we had been let to believe was the next descendant, but actually his father's ashes.

John Cho continued to be hilariously awesome in this episode as the zombie henchman as he dug up the witches bones while she just watched:

The witch was successful in returning to life in a very well done CGI sequence. Once again guns failed to work in killing the witch, and even the characters mentioned that this seemed to be a continuing theme which I thoroughly appreciated. Instead, they blew up the witch - directly underneath the police station.

Back in the police station Abbie had a dream/vision of her own of Corbin and it turns out that he might not be completely gone:

He told her that she should stop being afraid because she had important things to do. Abbie just missed him. However, he then dropped what I thought was going to be a great piece of speculative drama to come (Number mysteries always work to drive conspiracy theorists crazy with television shows).

Unfortunately this then happened:

The mysterious occupant of Room 49 in the mental hospital turned out to be Abbie's sister Jenny.

It turns out that Jenny might be a bit of a badass, which isn't that surprising considering:

However, the demon thing briefly appeared leading us to believe that he is watching her.
Here's the rough news guys - I was pretty not psyched about this episode. It's looking like this might be a "evil spirit" per week procedural show instead of a balls to the walls all out crazy serialized drama that I think we were all hoping for. This is especially obvious by the absence of the horseman who I imagine will only be dropping by at the midseason and season finales. Serialized procedurals can work (like in Fringe), but the case of the week's need to resonate with us the viewer and expand the universe the show is operating in. This week's case focused on a random witch - who had no backstory for why she was in the evil coven, what were her motivations, etc. etc. It simply was Step 1) Insert evil witch for episode, 2) Evil witch is mad she is dead and wants revenge, no need for further story or character development, 3) Kill evil witch. If it turns out that this is going to rinse, repeat like this I might be out. However, I like tv.com's four episode test for this show, because there were some truly awesome scenes - John Cho's death, John Cho's reanimation, everything John Cho, Tom Mison and the donut holes, and both the witches capture and reanimation sequences. So some hope still remains. I am extremely interested to see how the viewer numbers change from this episode to episode 3 because I can see a big drop coming after this one.

What did you think of Episode 2?
John Cho is killing so far right?
Did we need a love interest for Abbie so quickly?
Would you keep watching this show if it turned into an evil spirit case of the week procedural?
What should the nickname for the archive base be?
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