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This week I came into the episode with my expectations properly adjusted for the type of show Sleepy Hollow intends to be (aka a mix of Supernatural/Grimm). I have plenty to say about where I stand this week, but I think the tenor of some of my recap will let you know how I feel about some of the latest developments so let's begin.

This week we started out with a dream sequence that I truly enjoyed (when was the last time a TV show actually pulled that trope off successfully?)

Abbie walked into the police station with Orlando Jones (whose name I dont think has actually been used beyond calling him Captain - we are 3 episodes in and the 3rd guy in the credits list still hasn't had anyone say his name!)(Another side note - no Katrina this episode - boo). Anyway Abbie walked up to this new character and they watched through the glass as Ichabod interrogated a young Abbie Mills.

Ichabod was interrogating Abbie about seeing the demon in the woods. Old Abbie was not happy about reliving this part of her life and busted in on this interrogation.

White-eyed Ichabod told her to stop lying and then disappeared. Abbie started to freak out about being trapped in the interrogation room. Then the real nightmare appeared:

Abbie definitely seemed a little more freaked out about being trapped in a room than the eyeless sand monster in her dreams if you judged her demeanor upon waking up. Clearly she has been spending too much time with Ichabod.

Abbie was awoken in response to a 911 situation where a woman was threatening to jump off a building and would only talk to Abbie. Abbie went up to talk to the woman, but did not recognize her (however she was the doctor woman from the dream). The doctor said that she knew Jenny wasn't crazy and that she was telling the truth, but she kept her locked up in the insane asylum. She told Abbie that they deserved it for what they did.

Once again the woman had the same white eyes as Ichabod had in Abbie's dream. After telling Abbie that they deserved it, the woman jumped off of the building. Subsequently, her eyes burst into sand when The Crew (let's come up with a good name for Abbie, Ichabod, and Orlando everybody) were examining the body.

In consultation with Orlando Jones Abbie and Ichabod found out that the doctor had treated Jenny when she was first institutionalized. Also, apparently Orlando has definitively staked a claim directly on the Abbie+Ichabod side of the fence.

Then Abbie filled Ichabod in on her "prophetic dream" that included him and the doctor that she had never met before. Ichabod believed that it was another sign that Abbie was a Witness. Once again Abbie was giving Ichabod grief about the whole supernatural side of things (even after we went through this last week as well) and claimed that there wasn't anything out of the ordinary going on.

Abbie and Ichabod returned to the Ichabode or IHH for short (a combination of suggestions from Gislef and zsandmann - thanks!) to watch some old VHS tapes of the doctor talking to Jenny and also shoot the breeze about Abbie's past. Abbie quickly explained the whole situation as completely normal - the doctor felt guilty about locking Jenny up despite believing her and she sought out Abbie for absolution before she killed herself.

Ichabod quickly squashed this theory by reminding Abbie about the exploding sand eyes and then Abbie even pitched in by telling Ichabod about the doctor's exclamation that "they" deserved it. Ichabod made the clear jump in logic that someone sent the sandman to attack that someone's enemies (Abbie). Ichabod then decided that they should go see Jenny - much to Abbie's chagrin.

Abbie was convinced that Jenny wouldn't help them because Abbie was a cop and Jenny was a criminal. Hey everybody just to reiterate from the picture above - ABBIE ROBBED A PHARMACY - so no total hypocrisy to see here. Apparently Jenny had stolen $4000 worth of survival gear because the End of Days were coming (seems pretty rational and actually is happening to me) making her completely unclean in Abbie's eyes. In fact Abbie hadnt seen her sister in five years since she had been sent back to the mental hospital. Her prediction turned out to be accurate as Jenny refused to see her, but then Ichabod stepped up to the plate.

Naturally Jenny let Ichabod in to talk to her. They actually had a pretty nice repartee going for a bit and Jenny even assigned him a nickname.

Then Ichabod dropped a bomb on Jenny and told her that he knew about the demon in the woods and that the horsemen had started to return. He also informed her of the death of her former psychiatrist. Jenny was a little bit shaken and I fell straight into it - I am onboard:

Ichabod asked for Jenny's help with the dream demon. Not only could Jenny not help them with their current problem (she had a clear conscience - we'll get back to that), but she told Ichabod that they had no chance against the oncoming army - that it was all over, but the crying. At the end she threw a little bit of shade at Abbie, telling Ichabod to ask her about it.

Apparently when Abbie and Jenny ran into the demon in the woods they had disappeared for four days until they were discovered by a small town hero.

When Jenny and Abbie were interrogated by the police about their disappearance Abbie told Jenny to stay quiet and not say anything about the demon.

Unfortunately for Jenny she decided to tell the truth to the police while Abbie looked on silently and refused to back up anything that Jenny was saying.

The man that found the two girls had also seen the demon and likewise had not said anything about it. So while Abbie got to go home to her family, Jenny got hauled off to the mental hospital.

Abbie and Ichabod then headed off to talk to the man who found the missing girls who was himself not having a great day. However, before we get to that lets get into the back story for Orlando Jones a little bit more. We were given a short scene where Orlando Jones is being pranked by the office douchebag (Abbie's ex) which let us know that apparently Orlando Jones is not only in charge, but that he is also brand spanking new in town - oh and that we should assume that he knows everything.

Ichabod, Abbie, and Orlando then arrived separately at the Hero's house where the Hero was having a not very good day courtesy of the sandman. The Hero informed Abbie that she was next and that when she went to sleep next she would die. He then killed himself. Abbie and Ichabod then put together the pieces about the Sandman's identity as Ichabod remembered a story told to him once by his Mohawk friends about a demon named Roko for short (I have no idea what that things whole name was, I swear Ichabod said it differently in various scenes).

Despite sarcastically asking about an Encyclopedia of Faceless Nightmare Monsters earlier in the episode it turned out that one actually existed in the IHH. Also in case you were wondering I believe Abbie's energy drink was called Extended Wake - so go out and buy yourself some today! Abbie and Ichabod eventually decided that they needed the assistance of a Mohawk shaman to stop the sandman so they went to Geronimotors (the actual name in the show) to see a man named:

In case you can't make out the nametag, our friend here is named Seamus Duncan. It turns out that luckily enough he could help out our heroes after all once he became concerned about having a clear conscience. He had Abbie drink some liquid that he already had prepared (and there was a lot of it for some strange reason).

Ichabod couldn't let Abbie go into the dreamworld to face the Sandman alone (since she could die for real there) and came along for the ride. The next step before they could enter the dream world was for our heroes to be stung by scorpions, but all I could think was:

Abbie really needs to introduce Ichabod to McDonalds. Once in the dreamworld Abbie was quickly taken by the Sandman and forced to rewatch her interrogation sequence again. Meanwhile Ichabod should have been taking notes from Being Human:

The Sandman wanted to know one very important thing:

Here is where I had to take issue with this episode. Earlier in episode 1 Abbie told Ichabod the truth that she had seen the demon and we also know that Corbin knew the truth - so is the purpose of the demon here to make Abbie admit to herself that she said nothing out of self interest? I mean I would understand if the demon could only be appeased by Abbie getting Jenny set free or by Abbie admitting to the appropriate authorities that she had seen the demon in order to set Jenny free, but this made no sense to me. How does Abbie admitting that she had seen the demon (which she has already done) in the dreamworld (to no one new) change anything, especially since (I hope at least) she already felt guilty about what she did to Jenny. Hasn't the demon here only really been punishing 3 people who left an innocent teenage girl in a mental institution for more than 10 years? Is he really that "evil"? Not exactly the baddie I would expect from the demon army sent to start the End of Days.

I was however, kind of intrigued by this potential development:

What sins? Who gets to punish Ichabod? Food for thought. Anyway after Abbie admitted to no one new that she had in fact seen the demons she easily dispatched the Sandman.

Back in the IHH, Orlando found our two heroes someplace that they were not supposed to be.

He was essentially like no problem, Ill give you a key. Ichabod then asked if Orlando wanted to hear about their adventures, but Orlando wanted none of that (maybe because he's not allowed to interfere).

At the end of the episode Abbie decided to go talk to her innocent, completely sane sister who she had treated like a deranged delinquent leper for the better part of 10 years. She seemed pretty confident that she could get her sister to forgive her.

However, Jenny had made her escape.

And Abbie immediately reverted to forgetting that Jenny was completely innocent and totally sane.

I'm still not completely sure where I stand on this show, but I am having a lot of fun photo recapping it each week. Please let me know what you think in the comments and if you have anything you'd like me to focus more/less on.

Jenny totally knew about the Sandman with her clear conscience line right?

When will we see Jenny again?

Are you Team Jenny or Team Abbie?

Was the Sandman really that evil?

How do you feel about Abbie after this week's episode?

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