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Just a quick note before we get into Sleepy Hollow. Some of you may also be following my photo recaps for Revolution, I wasn't able to get my recap of last week's episode up last week, but I will be posting it sometime Tuesday night so look for it Wednesday morning before the new episode airs that night.

On to this post's main event: THIS SHOW IS AWESOME. However, I'd like to point out what I did two weeks ago. Do you guys remember when the second episode of this show was about a witch that was alive for all of two minutes before our heroes destroyed her? This is way better than that right? Let's get to it and what better place to start than with Ichabod's modern day lesson of the week.

Our heroes were celebrating their victory over the headless horseman last week as they managed to catch him in what was confirmed to be Jefferson's trap.

What now? was indeed the question. Now that Ichabod's nemesis had been captured what was next. Captain Orlando had a few good ideas.

Man this show does love them some horses. Anyway, Ichabod and Abbie were not down with the plan to bring in reinforcements to really deal with this problem head on with you know - people who are actually in charge of the real world.

After shooting down Captain Orlando's ideas, Ichabod then decided that they should interrogate the horseman. Since the horseman was unable to speak Ichabod made the logic leap that since Brook was able to talk to the horseman he could also speak for the horseman.

Abbie was not entirely thrilled by this idea

However, Abbie did end up sending Captain Orlando to go find Jenny. Cut to a scene in the woods with two hunters that were approached by the horseman's horse.

The horse had tracked down another Hessian who quickly whipped out a cell phone to call his Hessian buddies and inform them that the horseman was in trouble. Meanwhile, his buddy was slightly confused and unfortunately soon met his demise. Things weren't looking to good for the Hessian now that he was leaderless, but he was in luck

Back in the tunnels that apparently go everywhere in Sleepy Hollow now for some reason (after only being between the police station and the Ichabode originally) Abbie and Ichabod found Brook's bachelor pad.

Our other two heroes were having their first meeting of the episode and I finally figured out where this should be heading

As Abbie already had her own personal Crazy Hobo Prince, it was only right that

Captain Orlando filled Jenny in on the fact that he was now in the "know" as it were. He also informed her that they had been able to catch the horseman, much to Jenny's surprise. However, their relationship began to get off to a rocky start as Jenny railed against authority and continued to give Captain Orlando guff. That was anyway, until a crime was reported at a place that Jenny happened to be familiar with

For once Captain Orlando was not told to hold back and he only wanted one thing from Jenny - was she in or was she out? Naturally she was in because Jenny is just the best. Then we checked back in with our primary heroes as Brooks made an appearance at his hole in the wall. Ichabod had deduced that Brooks must be the horseman's necromancer and thus would able to function as the horseman's mouthpiece.

Brooks protested pretty convincingly that he was essentially controlled by Moloch and would be unable to resist any command. Ichabod and Abbie both seemed unfazed by this argument, but Brooks eventually gave in after Abbie worked her magic.

Captain Orlando and Jenny were immediately suspicious of the crime scene at the antique shop as it appeared that nothing had actually been stolen, but then Jenny did another awesome Jenny thing because unlike everyone else on this show

The Hessians had broken into a back hidden room where all of the most precious items in the store were kept. Hold. on ......wait a moment.....what the hell is that thing in the corner?

While the shop owner had indeed been shot, for once an associate of the Mills sisters did not appear to be dying. Unfortunately for our heroes the Hessians had stolen what they had come for - a relic that would be capable of removing the hex from the Jefferson trap.

Then we cut back to the reveal of the horseman as our heroes + Brooks made their entrance

And then BAM - THE CREDIT SEQUENCE - hahah. OMG guys, the credits did not roll until 14:15 into the episode. That right there just tells you how much magic was going on in this episode. When we returned to the action Ichabod was talking trash to the horseman.

Ichabod even got right on up there and yelled at the stump (which was hilarious in a good way)

Then something peculiar happened as a necklace dropped off of the horseman and onto the floor

However, Ichabod immediately recognized the necklace because it was once again FLASHBACK TIME.

The horseman had Katrina's necklace for some reason much to Ichabod's distress. This was the point at which we then began to have John Cho speak for the horseman and all I could think was

After some random threats from the horseman, Abbie was determined to get the story of the necklace from Ichabod. I'm not sure at what point everyone else figured out that the horseman must have known Ichabod as a human way back when, but I'm thinking the necklace popping out was a rather large clue and the next flashback made it pretty abundantly obvious who it must be. Weirdly enough I wasn't actually too upset by this, even though the ending was fairly obvious I was super interested in how we were going to get there and to the reveal. Most shows fail miserably once a plot point or reveal becomes obvious (looking at you Dexter for the most blatant one recently) as the story then just feels like filler until we reach the reveal - not so in the case of Sleepy Hollow.

Surprisingly enough Ichabod's departure from the English into the arms of Katrina had not immediately turned into a romantic attachment. Instead Katrina had found herself engaged to Ichabod's best friend. Our flashback began as Ichabod's friend Abraham was attempting to buy a piece of jewelry for Katrina before Ichabod stepped in and chose the fateful necklace

As much as I thought that there was definitely some unspoken communication between Abraham and the jeweler, Abraham did not seem to think anything was going on between Ichabod and Katrina. The next day our heroes were listening to some instrument that I was very curious about. Seriously, does anybody know what this is?

More importantly, Katrina knew immediately that it was Ichabod who had chosen the necklace for her and she made her intentions for the future clear.

I love these two crazy kids in love. Katrina was not interested in Abraham despite his wealth and family name because she wasn't in love with him and she did not want to continue the traditions of the English peerage at the time. She came right out and told Ichabod that she loved him and that was the way it was just going to be. Abbie was less than thrilled to her about her boo's love story.

Meanwhile Captain Orlando and Jenny had deduced that the Hessians intended to cut off the power to the city in order to turn off the UV lights holding the horseman prisoner. How exactly the Hessians knew he was being held with UV light, I do not know - lets not think about that too hard.

Anyway, Captain Orlando was really on the ball tonight as he disarmed a man with a gun to his head and called in a tactical team from the police department to assist in taking down the Hessians.

Things did seem to go easier when the good guys actually outnumbered the bad guys, but what do I know. Back in the dungeon Ichabod was getting good at riling up the horseman as he kept trolling for additional information about the horseman's connection to Katrina. It was becoming clear that the horseman had some sort of personal vendetta against Ichabod and had even disobeyed orders from Moloch to attempt to kill him.

Unfortunately for our heroes Jenny and Captain Orlando missed something at the power station and the Hessians were successful at blowing up the facility.

The horseman claimed to be working to avenge the death of Ichabod's friend and former partner Abraham.

As Ichabod and Abraham were serving as couriers behind enemy lines, Abraham was distracted due to his disengagement from Katrina.

Ichabod attempted to explain the situation

Ichabod dropped the bomb that Katrina had dumped Abraham (who clearly loved Katrina) for him. He then had the gall to ask Abraham for his blessing, to which my thoughts mirrored those of Abraham's

Abraham and Ichabod fought for a brief period before Abraham defeated Ichabod, however before he could kill(?) Ichabod he was shot by one of the Hessians and Ichabod took off into the woods in order to preserve the mission.

At this point Ichabod was getting a little tense and upset, which was understandable. Considering everything that he has been through over the last few weeks and the whole time travel things and so much more a little freak out was more than due.

And it would get better really quickly as Ichabod's favorite Mills sister arrived (j/k Ichabbie fans).

Abbie was less than pleased that Captain Orlando had brought Jenny into the mix rather than simply informing her of the goings on.

Captain Orlando then once again suggested that they should bring in reinforcements only to be shot down once again by all three other members of the Secret War Club.

Anyway, as expected and even forewarned by Brooks - it turns out that Brooks had the hex killing relic inside of himself. Once again I had to ask myself not to think about it because

Anyway, Brooks summoned some demony things that were super useless at attacking the Mills sisters and Captain Orlando with all of them dying before even coming within 10 feet of our heroes. However, in the prison itself the horseman was finally free and it was revealed that the horseman was indeed Abraham. Moloch had made a deal with Abraham that he would serve as the horseman of death in exchange for his revenge on Ichabod. in actuality however, it was revealed that the deal made was not actually for Ichabod, but rather for Katrina's soul.

Anyway, Ichabod even remembered that it seemed like Katrina knew why she was being kept trapped by Moloch, but had MYSTERIOUSLY ran out of time to tell Ichabod or Abbie the next week for that matter.

As the horseman attempted to kill Ichabod something interesting happened that we should get into a debate about at the end as Brooks stepped in to stop the horseman.

Anyway, before Brooks took off he told Ichabod to tell Abbie that he was sorry. I mean Brooks did tell them a bunch of times that he would betray them even if he didn't want to, so I mean.....

In the aftermath of the episode Ichabod and Abbie reached one conclusion - that the horseman's only weakness was a single person.

Questions - pick and choose as you like - or please raise some of your own

Did Moloch actually give the order to save Ichabod or did Brooks do that himself?

Who else might then be controlling Ichabod's fate/death?

How did the Hessians manage to blow up the power plant?

Does the timeline actually work for Brooks to have the hex killer?

Will the other horseman be men from Ichabod's past?

Will Captain Orlando and Jenny become a team?

Will Brooks be back or will Moloch kill him as punishment?

How will Ichabod and Abbie rescue Katrina?

What was that instrument?

What was the deal with the toy soldier?

Will Brobbie be a super fun fake ship to root for?

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