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I have a few things that I would like to riff on this week, but I always feel like the parts where I take a second off to review/discuss things fit into the flow better once we hit the right part of the recaps so that the discussions are in context. With that in mind I want to jump straight in this week. (Quick sidenote - I was having some difficulties uploading png files this week so the images might not be great quality this week).

This week we started off with new character Elena Gilbert:

Ohhh, my bad actually it's Lena Gilbert:.

Yes, Yes I have so many times now. Anyway, Lena Gilbert had a very weirdly spaced monologue about how she had just purchased her ancestral home after years of trying. Apparently she was super rich because she even had her own bodyguard, who personally was not feeling the house.

Now, I am not a betting man, but I had the feeling...

Now before we joined our two new friends in their creepy house we had one final cutaway scene.

The Following - returns in January(?) on Fox - your welcome Fox. Inside the house things ended up taking a turn for the worse for our new friends as the house decided to chomp down on Lena.

Now more importantly we returned to our two heroes who were having a discussion about the holidays. And a quick note before we get into that discussion - things that Ichabod learned this week - Drive thrus, cranberry sauce, revisionist Thanksgiving history, inflation, and George Clooney. However, none of this was improving Ichabod's mood as he was feeling a bit down in the dumps about spending the holidays all alone.

Abbie tried to cheer Ichabod up by telling him he would feel better after a few days off, however it was not meant to be. Captain Orlando chose this as the perfect moment in time to call our heroes into his office and hand them a new assignment.

Captain Orlando put Ichabod and Abbie on the case of our two new friends who had been missing for two days. It turns out that Lena is in fact a billionaire philanthropist who was important, blah blah blah. It all boiled down to the fact that she had a note on which she had scribbled Katrina's name. Naturally Ichabod was immediately intrigued and our heroes took off on the case. After some time spent researching on the magic internet box our heroes deduced that Lena was the descendant of Lachlan Fredricks who of course Ichabod knew and also had been to his home.

Ichabod was not impressed with the current upkeeping of the house. Considering that it had been sitting there for 250 some odd years I thought it had help up pretty well. Anyway we then were treated to a flashback of Ichabod's visit to said mansion with Katrina while rocking some interesting attire.

Naturally because this is Sleepy Hollow the man they showed up to see was of course an abolitionist and had free paid former slaves running his house. Flashing back to modern days our heroes discovered the body of the bodyguard who no once had noticed missing.

At this point Abbie had had enough and decided to call in reinforcements. I on the other hand envisioned this discussion during the table read.

After a solid run of completely serialized episodes for some reason this week the writers decided that we needed to sit inside a haunted house all episode for some reason. Has a haunted house kind of episode every been a highlight of a show? (AHS does not count). It was also kind of a bummer that we were taking a break from all the crazy goodness that we had been having lately. It was a pretty big letdown to go from the Abraham arc to let's run around in the dark in a house for 40 minutes before fighting a plant monster that dies really easily.

Anyway after all the doors slammed in their faces (only to be wide open in the very next set of sequences). Oh and also while they can slam their way through wooden walls everywhere throughout the house they cant slam through the door or another part of the outer house really? Okay rant over. Then Abbie spotted a ghostly figured and was not happy about being inside a haunted house.

Ichabod then discovered a book on the floor of the house:

Ichabod discovered that inside the book was his letter to Katrina to be delivered in the case of his death. This essentially meant that Katrina had been there after Ichabod's death.

Then it was time for another flashback as Ichabod and Katrina met their hosts at the house - Lachlan and Grace Dixon.

Our heroes then successfully located Lena:

Once our heroes managed to free Lena from the roots Ichabod had some pointed questions.

Abbie and Ichabod had clearly been spending way too much time with the weird side of life. After rescuing the damsel in distress it was time to check in with the best character on this show - WHO IS STILL NOT IN THE CREDITS - Team Jenny all the way.

Essentially this scene was 5/5 stars all around as Jenny and Captain Orlando continued their back and forth from last week and took it to new heights. There is some serious chemistry going on between these two (not necessarily in a romantic way, just in the way they play off one another so well and easily). After returning two guns that she had taken from Captain Orlando in their last adventure Jenny eventually got around to the real reason she had dropped by Captain Orlando's office. Naturally it was to discuss Thanksgiving dinner - because of course.

After an initial hesitation and then reminder that they would actually be having a NORMAL dinner together Captain Orlando was all in on the plan. Unfortunately then walked in the

It was Captain Orlando's ex and his daughter. The ex was the giant buzzkill, the daughter seemed pretty interesting, but before we get to that part let's head back to the haunted hou......zzzzzzz.

Again, not really a whole lot important going down in the house that did not involve Abbie's flashbacks. Back to my favorite.

Captain Orlando's daughter totally called Jenny out on dating her dad. It was kind of spot on. However, Jenny denied it pretty vehemently and claimed that she didnt even like him that much.

Apparently things between Captain Orlando and his daughter are strained. Jenny then being awesome as always stood up for Captain Orlando and tried to get his daughter to give him another chance. On the flip side Captain Orlando's ex was not a happy camper.

Apparently she was not a fan of Captain Orlando's current parenting output and to be honest considering the stuff he has gotten himself involved in:

However, then she called him out on how garbage Sleepy Hollow's police department is compared to the last place that he had worked.

Anyway, the ex threatened to take partial custody away from Captain Orlando if he didnt start hanging out with his daughter more. I wonder if Fox did a marketing panel or something and they decided that they needed a kid on this show to bring in more viewers. I guess we will either be spending more time with a kid hanging around or much less time with Captain Orlando. Speaking of baby mama drama.

Back in the haunted house Abbie was having another flashback vision and found Katrina giving birth.

Some more running around in the house took place and Ichabod lost Lena, but then found Abbie.

Let's make a quick list of the things that Katrina has now failed to mention to Ichabod -

1) I am a witch

2) The guy trying to kill you is your former best friend and my former fiancee

3) I gave birth to your son

I'm thinking that maybe he should be a little more angry with her than her currently is. Abbie then completed a little more of the story where Moloch defeated the safety barrier around the house by growing something inside it. This monster then killed Lachlan. This was the same monster that was currently holding Lena hostage instead of killing her for no real reason. Abbie's ghost ended up helping them escape the same way that she had aided Katrina and her son escape after Ichabod and Abbie discovered the monsters weakness. Ichabod then went back in to kill the monster for messing with his family.

The show finished off the week with Abbie talking Ichabod into going to Thanksgiving with her (which was the scene that we all really wanted to see this week, but whatever)

Also Lena Gilbert sent along some of her research and we discovered that Abbie was a descendant of Grace Dixon.


Did you enjoy this episode even the haunted house aspect?

How great were the Jenny scenes this week?

Is Ichabod's son one of the Horsemen?


Is Abbie a descendant of Ichabod's son?

Will Captain Orlando's daughter be hanging around a lot now?
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