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This week we started off with a short flashback with Ichabod to a time when he was part of a mission to steal some new weapon from the British prior to the start of the Revolutionary War. Ichabod wanted to be a part of the action, but George Washington had left specific instructions that Ichabod should be protected at all costs.

Luckily for Ichabod this meant that he was outside the blast radius that took out the rest of his group when a Hessian clearly speaking about demon type things lit up a bomb and killed himself. Cut to the present day and we joined Ichabod as he sat alone in the car reminiscing about his wife Katrina - leading me to desperately ask this question -

Anyway it turns out that Ichabod was regaling and consoling a Northstar customer service representative named Yolanda with his epic tale of true love.

This provided us with this week's

wherein Ichabod learned how to use the entertainment system in Abbie's car. At this point we were returned to the point where we left off last week where Jenny had just made her escape from the psychiatric hospital.

Abbie and Ichabod then went to talk to Captain Orlando as Jenny's escape kind of turned into a big deal. Abbie started off by asking Captain Orlando to let her track down Jenny because she wasn't dangerous - she was deliberative and liked to plan things. Anyway I broke it down like this:

Anyway, in the end Captain Orlando gave Abbie and Ichabod 12 hours to find Jenny before he issued an all out alert - mainly based on Abbie's argument that crazy things were happening and that they needed Jenny's help. Also I took some time to figure out Sleepy Hollow's murder rate in the last 2 weeks + 12 hours wherein 5 murders (non-cop caused deaths) have taken place. This would put Sleepy Hollow at 90 murders / 100,000 residents per year. According to Wikipedia there are still 6 cities in the world that are more dangerous than a demon-infested Sleepy Hollow. In other words the demons better step up their game.

Next we checked in with Jenny who was walking into a bar.

It turns out that she was just dropping by to pick up a bag of things that she had left with her friend the bartender.

Then we cut to the most evil of all the professions (at least that is what we all suspect growing up as children) the dreaded piano teacher.

All seemed normal until our piano teacher received a phone call concerning Jenny and her potential knowledge of something called item #37.

The sketchy voice on the phone gave the Piano Teacher the 411 on Jenny and her known associates leading them directly to the bar that Jenny had vacated in the previous scene. Needless to say it did not go well for Jenny's friend. If you ever find yourself at any point in your life with this POV:

Then we cut to the credit sequence where I would like to point once again and wonder:

Ichabod then did his best Kelsey Grammer impersonation as he asked Abbie about her childhood and parents:

Understandably Abbie wanted no part of this discussion and reacted like she has every other time Ichabod brought up her childhood or her sister:

However, Ichabod did point out that Jenny had spent almost a year at her last foster home which became the next clue in the episode puzzle. But, first a quick check in with Jenny where I was desperate to decipher the meaning behind the bathroom graffiti:

What does it mean???? O cruel world I must know the answer (best guess - absolutely nothing). Basically this scene just showed Jenny going through her bag of guns, money, and passports, but there was another throwback reference I was intrigued by:

Meanwhile, Captain Orlando spent the rest of his day discovering the body of Jenny's bartender friend:

Back to Abbie and Ichabod at Jenny's foster home. Abbie had a super serious problem with the conditions at the foster home and the foster mother's attitude, but shots were fired back:

The foster mother did give Abbie and Ichabod a lead to a cabin that Jenny used to go to that belonged to a friend. And that friend turned out to be:

It turned out that Jenny was friends with Corbin. Abbie was most upset about this development and Jenny's presence in the cabin.

Much like last episode, Ichabod had another *priceless* expression

He was starting to get fed up with the sisters bickering and told them both off:

After the situation was calmed down, Jenny revealed the item that Corbin had mentioned to her just prior to his death. It was a sextant that was marked with symbols that Ichabod had seen before in the flashback at the beginning of the episode. It was at this point that Abbie gave Jenny a quick 5 second recap about Ichabods past - and she was pretty cool about it, although she did give him a quick quiz to prove himself:

Ichabod revealed that Washington had heard about a secret weapon that the Hessians had obtained for the British. In order for Ichabod and his men to retrieve the weapon he had created a diversion - which turned out to be - naturally the Boston Tea Party. Jenny channeled every audience member with her reaction:

In any case the sextant could actually be turned into a projector that showed where the weapon could be found:

Before our trio could truly ferret out the weapons location they were interrupted by a hail of gunfire courtesy of the Piano Teacher and friends. Abbie of course presented the maximum possible target area for her assailants:

While Ichabod kept it old school and presented the smallest possible target area:

The assailants made off with the sextant, but left behind a captured Piano Teacher. After Abbie failed miserably at getting the Piano Teacher to talk, Jenny asked for a turn which did not sit well with Abbie forcing Ichabod to once again step in to break them up.

Ichabod quickly found that the Piano Teacher had a Hessian tattoo similar to the one on the horseman's head

Luckily for our trio:

Apparently Piano Teacher's boss (Moloch) wanted our trio to know his entire plan so his henchman filled them in with a long exposition. The weapon was the Book of Solomon which could be used to open a portal to hell where 72 demon had been banished. The book could be used to free them. Also there are Hessians everywhere and even he didn't know them all because they operate as sleeper cell units. His boss who is the kingpin is the demon from the woods named Moloch.

The Piano Teacher had a shrine dedicated to Moloch in his basement. There was also some writing on the wall that I was trying to read, but all I could make out was "So V _ _ _ A Ubel vom _ _ _ atan der" If anyone can fill that in please let me know. Anyway the Piano Teacher said that Moloch was inside them since the day in the woods, which:

After fulfilling his duty to tell our trio everything the Piano Teacher chewed a suicide pill and died. It was at this point that I noticed that for some reason Jenny was still rocking the shirt WITH THE MENTAL INSTITUTION LOGO ON IT:

Thanks to Ichabod's photographic memory he was able to recreate the map of Sleepy Hollow and they were able to determine where the book was hidden. In the car ride over to the church, Ichabod asked Jenny about her combat training.

AND THEN THE SHIP GOT STARTED - because Ichabod was all about Jenny being a freedom fighter upgrading from #TEAMJENNY to:

Abbie of course remain unimpressed by Jenny's international Jason Bourne style do-goodery - because she is a small town cop who in her last real investigation was looking into a disturbance in a barn:

The nameless bad guys successfully found the books and started the sequence for opening the portal revealing some demons who were stuck in a syrupy mess:

In the end Abbie was able to send the demons back to hell by throwing the book into the syrup where it burned up.

The episode ended with a scene that FINALLY made me like Abbie. She told Jenny that she and Ichabod were the two witnesses and that she felt like this was her punishment for not being there for Jenny:

In any case this was a sincere heartfelt scene where the two sisters at least started down the road towards repairing their relationship. However, I can't help myself here:

What did you think of this week's episode?

Is Abbie's ex or Captain Orlando a Hessian?

Are you on the good ship Jennabod?

What did the writing on the wall say (please help me out!)?

What will Moloch do next now that his symphony has been disrupted?

Which of Jenny's nicknames for Ichabod has been your favorite so far?

Why no Katrina dreams/visions in the last two episodes?

Why isn't Jenny in the credit sequence?

What is the deal with the mirrors?
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